Saturday, June 6, 2009

june 6, 2009 - game 5 pittsburgh at detroit

present: becca, sherri (lychee cocktails)
in transit: nesse
regrets: kenny g & graham

pregame sentiments-
becca: the new hockey night in canada song sucks arse.  i bet if you play it backwards there'd be a message from satan.

sherri: just thinking about pittsburgh (rebecca has a hunch sherri's still thinking about being cross-checked by malkin).

6:35 - scott oake interviewing mike babcock.  rebecca's distracted by mr. oake's hairplugs.

6:36 - uneasy cbc interviewer elliott friedman talking to marc-andré fleury.  rebecca thinks he's undressing marc-andré with his eyes.  sherri: he's that guy who never gets referred to by his real name...last game the other commentators called him 'scott'.

6:41 - EXTREME CLOSE UP OF SCOTT OAKE!  he's definitely had a little nippy-tucky.  sherri: he's showing his softer side in these interviews.  i wish kendra was here to see this.

6:42 - inside hockey brought to you by viagara.  5 min. discussion about viagara.  sherri: i can't believe we're talking about boners.

6:47 - secret #1.  vanessa calls.  she is en route.

6:47 - scott oake chats with zetterberg.  *swoon*  sherri: look at his hair, how it flows in the wind, when he's skating away...wait, we're not supposed to be thinking about the enemy like this...  rebecca: it's very shakespearean, the whole star-crossed lovers thing though...

7:02 - vanessa arrives.  vanessa: ozzy! ozzy! ozzy!  rebecca: that is NOT the password.  discussion about the return of datsyuk.  rebecca: here we go...

7:05 - appreciation around the room for elton's 'saturday night's alright'.  

7:07 - sherri switches to a plastic cup.  everyone wins in this situation (1- ability to pour doubles and triples, 2- better stability, 3- no broken glass)

7:08 - sherri confirms: yeah, it's a double.  also, i'm having a shot every goal.  who's gonna do shots with me?  it's alizé's super easy!

7:12 - don cherry's first appearance.  his jacket is incredibly understated this evening.

7:13 - le petit pow-wow between fleury & talbot.

7:14 - sherri: i do have to say that cbc's coverage tonight has been pretty pro-red wing.  

7:20 - puck drops.  this game is on!

7:22 - can't malkin die already?!  sherri: malkin is my LOVER!  

7:28- PITTSBURGH POWERPLAY!!!  7:19 cromwell tripping

7:31- vanessa talks trash; though power play over and no goal.  detroit played well.

7:35-zutterberg has a good chance, but blocked. 

7:36-no rebound off osgood.  shots 6-4 pittsburgh.

7:38 staal wants to meet bobby oar and is the fastest 20 metre 200lb sled sprint leader of the pittsburgh.

7:39 clearly scores.  6:15 nice shot...sherri won't high five vanessa but will do the shot.

7:43- pitts can't get outta their zone "looking like the redwings in the earlier part of the period."

7:44- sherri admits that she wasn't very good at her apps duty this week...chips and store bought salsa.

7:48- detroit powerplay!  19:39 

7:53 - coach's corner: canadian troops are the best and watch the celebrations after scoring young hockey players...

8:02- dinner is served!  amazing goodness!!  tasty enchiladas!  vegan sour cream in the house!

8:08 - sherri needs a drink
8:09-ravi arrives.  bring shrimp, dipping sauce and organic wine.

8:10-detroit scores...sherri has a shot with vanessa.

8:14-discussion of crappy construction job on arlington

8:16- lots of action for fluery. discussion of whether fluery does hot yoga.

8:18- ick explained to ravi.  the goldfish update: one still has ick, but recovering.  other one is still swimming upside down.

8:19-detriot goal kronwall 6:11 powerplay goal

8:24- detroit powerplay kinda misses who and what.

8:25-detriot scores.  raflaski

8::28 -"drapper goes deep"

8:29-4-0 detroit.  sherri is glad that she has a drink because no goals=no shots though she had that one with vanessa because "sherri never lets her friends drink alone".

8:33- great pitts start discussed.  why can't they do that again.

8:34-vanessa discusses the accuracy of this blog. sherri acknowledges that she is a little behind.

8:36-pitts penalty.  roughing, boo.

8:39-detriot scores.  shot, pass, zetterberg!

8:40- pitts pulls fleury.  3:30 left in the periond.  matthieu garon.

8:42- sherri recalls that her first boyfriend was named kenny geron.

8:43- sherri can't believe that pitts is losing 5-0.  unbelieveable!

8:45-sherri needs a shot.  is thinking she might have to take one for the team...

8:45- crosby penalty. detriot powerplay.  slashing

8:46-" detroit is making pitts pay for the sins of the first period."

8:47- another pitts penalty. talbot slashing.  2 man advantage for 1:30.  vanessa:lets see what this second string goalie is made of.

8:49- nice save by geron.

8:50-penalties over.  peroid over.

8:56-discussion on hi fives.  

8:57-vanessa: i hate little goatees on men with big faces.

8:58-discussion of "the hot stove", how it's all hockey business, quite boring.

8:59- drinks and lychees are declared "divine".

9:01-room agrees that "the hot stove" is the most boring part of cbc hockey night in canada.

9:02- discussion about how the guys in toronto should just drive down to detriot!

9:04- conversation on the goonies flagged as dead.

9:08- 3rd period starts.

9:11-detriot changes on the fly.

9:11-detriot penalty.   hossa, roughing.

9:12-pitts HAS to do something with this powerplay.

9:13 - the action log: sherri has gone to second base with the plant and third base with the laptop.

9:15 - sherri's a frustrated penguin.  

9:21 - shrimps with spicy sween sauce 

9:22 - hangovers in gimli museum 

9:24 - battle with skilled experience of loosing confidence

9:25 - pa pulling flurry

9:44- one minute left in the game.  still 5-0 detroit.  

9:45-game over.  detroit 5-0.  disaapointment for sherri and rebecca

final thoughts

vanessa: i'm just a small town girl in living in a lonely world...

rebecca: we're going to take it in the next game.

ravi: pitts and crosby are going to make a comeback.

sherri:  my final thoughts...oh pitts, i work on tuesday night and i really don't want that to be the last game...malkin, sherri loves you baby!!  is also glad kenny g didn't see this game!!  nervoustime for til tuesday!

***don cherry has changed his prediction...he now thinks that there WILL be a seventh game.***

also, sherri would like to mention she has a little crush on pj stock also thinks he may be the way to finding out scott oake's age.

9:56- FIRST mention of teppo! finally!!  there nervoustime can now officailly call it a night!!!

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  1. hi girls. this sounds like a fun night. sher, i lost my luggage which reminds me of our england trip, good times. off to yoga this aft, miss you all. go pens!!!!!!!!