Thursday, May 7, 2009

may 7

sometimes you get sleepy cause you end up staying up past ten pm too many nights in a row. maybe this is because of your blogging or because you've met a cute blackhawks fan (what?, true story...)
in any event, you might forget hockey is even on until you check and text "oh no" to your blogging partner who texts back "overtime" you text "nervous" he texts "for vancouver?" you text "yes."
but back to what you what you were doing, you remember that it is unlikely scott oake will announce his age tonight on his twitter account or elsewhere and even if the canucks lose they will win the rest and you got to rediscover your favorite band from grade five and remembered the song that makes you happier than anything else. 
so for the nervous time watchers and blackhawks fans and everyone tired, here is a good night from the moody blues:

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