Tuesday, May 5, 2009

cinco de mayo: game three

drinking: kendra, rebecca, graham: pacifico, sherri: gin (first graham attendance)

fact: out of the roster of 23 blackhawks, 20 are single "they all go out together" (source, cbc)

4 on 4 in the early part of this game

scott oake sightings: 1

reason late: kendra had to carry a bowl down the lane.

rebecca early announcement: it's not looking good

graham: i really like l. cohen but i heard he was just doing that tour to pay off debts

shots: 5 to 1 chicago, 7:23

fish update: almost died since the last time but is now okay.

rebecca reveals she is reading other hockey blogs, 7:34

kane had the flu along with another four

announcer just referred to buffalo taking a penalty, kendra again realizes we need to get the announcers jobs

graham genuinely cheers for the hawks for the first time: 7:36

how he does it: "awww" after a luongo save

just one shot on goal and two blocks for vancouver's penalty kill

discussion of donut ref from the jets era, hated the jets.

pentalty over

vancouver goal: raymond

graham refuses to high five

"that was a well played period and they totally deserved that:" rebecca

"i wonder what scott oakes thinks" sherri

another van powerplay, 7:42

rebecca mentions teppo numinin for the first time: 7:45

food: chips, guacamole, vegan bean dip

another penalty against the blackhawks: kane for a little hook

theory: as the playoffs go on things get more sexual. sherri "i heard shaft at least ten times in one game."

coach's corner
vancouver playing sissy up until now, no more fog.

you gotta be able to whack a guy down whose standing infront of your goalie, ie "canadian justice"

you gotta have a lengthy stick to wear em like joe corvo?

a real smacker? this is a beauty? this is on the lips? blatant sexual overtones

power play goal by vancouver, 8:06, two nothing

eating: papusas and tamales, so sos so good

rebecca: thinks she ha a dream about hockey, that she was plaing or in the player's eye view

house of pain on commercial: brings us back

the guys that wore their close backwards. kris kross will make you jump jump, what are kris kross doing now

turning up the volume: 8:17

pretty quiet building, it's also pretty quiet here, "well we just finished eating" sher

turn on the lights: 8:19

goal vancuver

chicago scores, 3-1

rebecca: cbc doesn't believe in replays

sherri: this end of the 2nd period, boring "i'm going to be honest:"

dc: kids, if you're ever going to play in the national hockey league don't do that to a guy's skate, on chicago being dead in the water since that hit on the skate

scott oake interview: soo good

becca: 58

graham: 54

kendra: 60

(age predictions for scott oake)

this period isn't that interesting yet either (kendra: four seconds in)

just about another goal, chic

another good penalty kill for vancouver

horrible taking out of alex burrows

power play van

rebecca "the eyewear makes this even better"

we've said it before: chicago's biggest weekness the way khabibulin leaves the net

chicago: dead tired, they ice the puck

sherri: they played good

rebecca: that was exciting in the replay

kendra: see, they do do replays

sherbert: coming out (key lime)

ohlund's stick just exploded!

reason we don't post our blg until the end: we want you to watch the game

2:15 left in third period. pulled the goaltender

40 seconds left

mark crawford sweet talk to the players

luongo a really good goalie, sherri: "i believe it in my heart"

game is over. van takes it

rebecca: pondering for a minute

sherri: i think vancouver is lucky that their goalie is really good cause sometimes they make mistakes. but i love them. and i want to party with them.

graham: i have no comment.

kendra: about the game or about sherri partying with the cancucks?

rebecca: you gotta comment. chicago could have had at least two goals. i think it was thier mindset going in, laid back.

sherri: this is a lot of final thoughts.

all our love, YAY CANUCKS, xo, becca, sher, gray and ken

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