Saturday, May 23, 2009

may 23 - game three pittsburgh v. carololina

present: sherri, kendra, rebecca (gin), vanessa (keiths), graham (standard)

early comments: kid singing the anthem (graham "that was a twist")

all attendees confirm they are going for pittsburgh

sherri: when they have the puck they can do anything

everyone is also going for malkin's parents - make out of the year, game 2

graham: is the theme actually single in chicago cause i tried to get chicago beer

sherri: well, we have pizza

discussion turns to khabibulin, did he storm out or was he kicked out, rebecca comments on his temper, sherri notes he was a winnipeg jet

cole's beard is actually pretty good. 

graham still talking about malkins parents

oh no, carolina goal, 6:45. "they are all of rebounds at this point" rebecca

we all start talking about our hockey card collections graham says he may have kelly rudy, kendra's are in a binder, rebecca's are shared with her dad and sherri only has the one card - keith t rookie.

power play for pittsburgh coming up

dusting the tv 650 /  graham gets his second beer

POWER PLAY GOAL MALKIN! "i like him because he takes chances and goes for it" sherri

(no shot of his parents) - probably because the game is in carolina

graham: did you know that cam ward is super religious, checking where he is from.

cam ward is from sherwood park alberta. other interesting things are that his older sister is named kendra and that he owns a hockey team called the red deer jets who wear winnipeg jets jerseys. we obviously are planning a trip to red deer, details to follow. 

pittsburgh power play coming up.  penalty to cole 

fire alarm, 7:08 rebecca: i give that evacuation a 3 out of 5

fire alarm still going on and off, 7:13. rebecca: everytime i think it's done.....

second pittsburgh goal crosby

(interestingly on google search 'sidney crosby girlfriend' comes up as a preselected search but 'scott oake age' doesn't)

rebecca's parents drive by on motorcycles honking, 7:14


"he's full of himself but deserves to be"

graham: i don't like the teams from the south like with the weird names and stuff

mark text (on the pittsburgh goals): i hate them    >:->

question to cullen: have you recovered? answer: we have no choice but to do so

another penalty for carolina, 7:40

andrew pask on the phone: watching the game, says it's good

announcer: i'm not sure how comfortable fluery is in this game, he his hanging on by a thread

pace was crazy in the first few mins of the 2nd

the drums outside are back, it sounds like a parade

vanessa: this is the best food i've had coming to a hockey game

graham and kendra's moms both also like sidney crosby

kendra wants to announce she went to her first lemonade stand of the year. 

rebecca mentions teppo numinin for the first time 8:15

they do get their goal: carolina with two

sherri lights a candle, 8:25

malkin breakaway, good save by ward

kendra loves the way the announcer says "however" during the busy times

the pace has changed. 

carolina power play "it may not have been intentional, but was that a hit"

vanessa: every picture they show of malkin has his tongue hanging out

YAY! another pittsburgh goal, high fives all around, the cake rules too!!! 

it's getting rough out there, the goalie for carolina has gone to the bench for 3:26 remaining

graham: there is a new way to sharpen skates where they won't cut skin

square vanessa brought is amazing, rice crispys great addition

carolina penalty

empty net from greg adams off the faceoff 

another one off the rush, 6-2 

kendra announces this is her stanley cup game since she is unable to watch any other play off games

final thoughts

becca: i thought it would be a closer game

vanessa: oh i hate this stuff

kendra: that was a stanley cup win in my mind. five to go!

sherri: i think pittsburgh is going to win the stanley cup

rebecca: i know pittsburgh is going to win the stanley cup and good night teppo numinin

graham: i really like rice crispie squares or these squares. 

nervous time out.

love, sherri, graham, rebecca, kendra and vanessa. 

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