Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Underdog

Happy Chinese New Year from Arlington! Winkworth sisters here. Shout out to Tracey, Kendra and Jen who are at, respectively: the Toad, Costa Rica and the game. In honour of the year of the horse, I ate a fortune cookie today: "You will be showered with good luck before your next birthday" (which is in June, so um, yeah I sure hope so. That's a long time to go without ANY good luck).

Speaking of luck, Burrows hasn't scored a goal this whole season. Hope the New Moon in Aquarius helps him out with that: "This New Moon in Aquarius offers us a chance to work together creating a plan for a better future." This applies to everybody if you were wondering.

Enough with all this Olympics bullshit. Blah blah blah patriotism my ass. There are figure skaters dropping ceremonial pucks everywhere in the MTS Centre. This Olympics will be the most expensive ever:

I think Stacy Nattress is singing in an even higher key today. NOBODY CAN SING ALONG WITH YOU, STACY. PLEASE LOWER YOUR VOICE REGISTER. Winnipeg, we deserve a better anthem singer. Vanessa and Eric have already offered to fill in/replace with a rousing harmonized rendition of O Canada in an appropriate key (including our Nervoustime edits to the National anthem: "In all of OUR command", not our sons; and "WE'LL keep our land glorious and free", not god. We feel that these lyric changes shift the power into the hands of the people.)

We need this win. Tuesday's game loss was hard to take. Especially because Vanessa and I made inspirational signs:
Words of wisdom from the Winkworth sisters.
Lack / Pavs in their nets. 

5 min into the 1st.

WHOA whoa whoa, Bogo scores! 1:0 Jets. It's the dawning of the age of something that's for sure. When's the last time he scored? Important goal for the man with the brows.

And what, what what?! Setoguchi scores like 2 minutes later. "I bet Tortellini is shitting his pants right now. Is he allowed to travel with the team when he's suspended?" Here is the situation Rotini created last week that resulted in his 15 game suspension:

2:0 Jets. The crowd is chanting "Eddie, Eddie". I would be devastated if someone did that to me. My name's not Eddie, though. 

Tracy is on her way! Arlington is the official "after-party" destination.

Oh hahaha there's an angry, pointing cardboard Tortorella floating behind the Canucks bench. Everyone is passing him around and it's pretttty hilarious and now he's floating in front of Statler, or is it Waldorf?:
Community-building endeavour.
Great start to the game and Jets are taking advantage of the suffering Canucks. They're missing Lasagna and down one Sedin. Not to mention Alex B's depressing record.

Chris Thorburn with a penalty for getting his hands all over. Shit Burrows scores. But NO, it actually goes to Edler instead and Burrows is still goal-less for the 2013-2014 season.

2:1 end of the 1st period.

Ness has had a long week at work and has been working outside! In this freezing weather. Here's what she wears: 2 cotton socks, thermal socks, safety boots (rated to -70), toe warmers (double, one on top and bottom), thermal long underwear, sweatpants, insulated coveralls, 2 tshirts, a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, down parka, velcro balaclava, hoodie, hardhat, hoodie, bandana, magic minis, and finally worker winter gloves. The good news is that because they're building in the middle of nowhere, they've been getting pizza for free all week because the delivery boys can't find them on their GPS and take longer than an hour.

The Jets are passing the puck like poetry tonight. 

Kessler scores early in the second. 2:2 tied.

Tracy is here! And she brought wine!

We've all had a crazy long week.

We had to rewind the game a bit because we were making quesadillas. But I accidentally changed the channel and now we are half way into the second period. And we're eating cake that I made on Wednesday but it still tastes fresh because it was from a cake mix. It's super sweet.

It's 3:2 Jets. Looking through twitter to see what we missed. And guess who scored??? FROLIK FOREVER.

Scheifele really wants to score but just can't get it past Lack. Well, it doesn't hurt to ask right? (Hockey/love analogy).

This new Woody Harrelson / Matthew McConaughey show looks really good. "Like a new Twin Peaks"- Nesse. Tracy was watching Magic Mike the other night and thinks that if Winnipeg had strippers like those guys, women might be more interested in strippers.

End of the 2nd. 3:2 Jets.

New channel means all new commercials.

I love this commercial. Ron MacLean, you will always be my favourite ref. Please consider this an open invitation to be a part of my future documentary about hockey refs:

"Without the rules, there is no game": Hockey/love analogy.

3rd period fanfare!

It's like Vancouver has been playing on the power play this last shift. And hey, now they actually have the power play. Trouba in the box.

Henrik Sedin skates across the ice without his left skate on and wow his leg looks so skinny compared to the one with all the equipment & padding. "It looks like a toothpick" - Trace. "You can't tell what their bodies actually look like with all that stuff on".


"January was a blur, which was good" - Trace. Amen to that.

January was a rollercoaster of a month for temperatures and emotions. "December was the second coldest in 120 years, with nine days below -30 C. January also delivered below normal temperatures, but didn't break any records."

Whoa, almost too many men for the Jets. That's one of our favourite penalties of all time. 

Garrison "unloads a bomb" on Pavelec. Tie game, nervoustime. 3:3. 9 minutes left in the 3rd.

Is Montoya getting enough ice time? Some people are saying no.

But now Ellerby's hurt oh no! (He's ok, though.) and Jets have a power play. It's go time!

Asking if anyone else wants to blog: "I'd probably just bitch about work" - Trace. "I'm too tired" - Ness. You're stuck with me, folks.

3 min left in the 3rd. Everybody needs this win. EVERYBODY.

GOOCH SCORES! STUART IS HURT! So excited and so worried all at once. 4:3 Jets! (Stuart looks fine now, got a high stick to his face).

"His pillow will feel fluffier, his food will taste better. Everything is going better for Devin Setoguchi tonight". Somebody's gonna get a raise. And we've also got a power play, not sure how that happened.

NERVOUSTIME crowd is on their feet. 1 minute left. 

Eddie Lack has shiny teeth and looks like a Disney prince:

JETS WINE! (typo, but it's staying) Setoguchi, way to go tonight!

Love, Nervoustime Reb, Ness and Trace.


  1. wonder if they will make the play offs? I am kind of one of those that if I emotionally invest, it takes too much out of me, if they don't win. So I stay chilly about the jets or any team for that matter. Although I route for the ones with Neechies on their teams.