Friday, January 24, 2014

Nothing nervous about life on the beach.

Hello from Nicaragua. This is kendra with a short post the  to respond to the comment that I am currently camping for the first time.  I actually camped several times as a child and recently camped at coachella in 2006 and at my brothers two years ago.

Also I am happy to be on the same coast as the jets right now. Today I am going surfing

Miss you all xo

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  1. Had a chance to go 2 Jets games this year. They played Blues. TJ Oshie is a damn fine player, and Indian guy, (Metis). Anyway, was sorry to see Noel go as coach, but as you can see it seems to have done wonders for the team. I think Buflin is good for a trade right now. Get someone as good for him. Glad I found your site. I see you have been going for a long time as well.
    Anyway, Nicaragua? Cool.