Saturday, January 4, 2014


Good afternoon from Arlington! It's a double-header today: Jets vs Boston, and Canada vs Finland Juniors. Nesse and Becca here, Kendra en route.

We're waking up (okay, I'm waking up, Nesse has been awake since 6am), drinking coffee, discussing the confusing nature of text messages. I've decided to pour my energies into blogging so my fingers are busy and I won't text things like "well..." that only add to the confusion.

There is so much misdirected love happening on the ice. Thorburn takes on Chara THE GIANT and wins (Chara conceded and gave Chris a nice little love tap afterward), and then Wright takes down Fraser! It was hilarious watching Chris approach Chara with a little trepidation but once he got his footing, he dominated the scuffle. Is this a hockey/relationship analogy? Maybe so.

There was a brawl this morning between Russia and Sweden. Emotions are flying.

Jen Funk just purchased some treats for Smoko that have goji berries and apparently they reduce anxiety.

SO many chances. Good pace. I love afternoon games!

"Can I get screen-in-screen on this TV?"

Vanessa doesn't remember the menu at Tall Grass Prairie even though we've lived in Wolseley our entire lives. "They haven't changed much, except for their attitude". I only like the middle cinnamon buns. But I often end up with the sub-par crusty-edge-buns. Couldn't they add extra topping to the edges? Use a different kind of pan? Offer them at a discount? There has to be a solution to this problem. I can't keep arguing with the baker anymore.

This is going to be a very exciting game. BIG BUFF scores the first goal. 9th goal of the year for the man who should never be ashamed of his body!

Taking a break to pay my bills. Another Hydro credit for the win! I don't think I've paid for Hydro in like 3 months and no complaints here.

While I'm doing that, Paille scores to tie it up. I forgot how great Boston fans are.

There's something going on between Stuart and Spooner. Maybe they dated the same girl. You never know.

We're reminiscing about the wave on New Years eve. What is it about the wave that makes me so emotional? Is it the sense of camaraderie? Is it because I was never exposed to organized religion and it feels like a spiritual connection? Or maybe it's because I'm a cancer (water sign).

1 minute left and WHERE IS THE PUCK? It's super physical. End of 1st period. Mark Stuart only continues to impress. What a reliable player (and probably a reliable guy).

We've flipped to the Juniors. "Let's be honest, Ray. The first period wasn't an oil painting, but it suits the Finns just fine" - announcer on TSN. No score.

Speaking of water signs and art, I just discovered this new artist named Zaria Forman who is incredible. She does these soft pastel drawings of bodies of water and icebergs: The Thompson series is my fave.

Nervoustime ESP exists and apparently we can read each other's minds, because Kendra brought croissants for everyone!

Back to Jets and Boston Krug scores to make it 2:1. Back to Juniors.

Finland scores and ooh there are some good looking guys in the crowd. "Are any of these Finnish players born on July 3rd?" (like Teppo and Teemu and Miettenen/Mittens). What are the Finnish horoscope birth trends? This would be Kendra's thesis topic if the opportunity presented itself. The Finnish team has so many Aries! I think it's my fate to be surrounded by Aries in my life. Embrace the challenge, Moonchild.

And Finland scores again. Both goal scorers took the net off. We switch the channel and thank goodness the announcers told us Canada just scored! It's 2:1 Finland. Wait, Finland scored again and now it's 3:1.

We're talking about cooking. Food is powerful stuff, people.

Flipping to the Jets and WHAT HAPPENED? 3:1 Boston. Frolik couldn't bang it home. Oh but man did he try. You can't underestimate Frolik's effort or his friendship with Pavelec. Last game I was caught on screen getting verclempt when Frolik and Pavelec had a moment together on the ice.

"Even though I was in the last row (of the 300 section) at the last Jets/Boston game, Chara looked huge on the ice" - K. "Zdeno Goertzen has a nice ring to it."

Ok it's time for the final countdown: 3rd period in both games. Canada is on a power play but they're so slow! If these teams were musical/dance styles, Canada would be 2-step and Finland would be metal. Canada needs to pick it up.

There is so much snow everywhere and it's so soft! Like the beach. Everybody is walking on the roads, which I what I imagine will happen during apocalyptic events.

Still three one in each game and we're making more coffee.

Vanessa's phone is falling apart 2014 might be the year she gets a smartphone.

Don Cherry loves Reilly Smith, according to Kendra who has watched all the archived HNIC's lately.

Enstrom gets a penalty. Claude is rubbing his temples. "That's never a good sign", Ness.

We've switched the channel to see if Sutter is also rubbing his temples. Desperate moves by Canada. Finland is negotiating with the refs, they think they deserve a penalty shot. Whoa, and now they say the shooter hurt his hand and has nominated their top player to take the shot! And captain Teuvo Teravainen scores. Kendra is reminded of Patrick Kane qualities in this young gun. 4:1 Finland. She's looking to see which NHL team might pick him up.

Back to Jets. 10 minutes left and the score hasn't budged. 3:1. But now Boston has scored! 4:1 Boston. Don Cherry's BFF Reilly Smith with the goal.

"These games are mirroring each other!" - Ness. Parallel universes, for sure.

"4:1 All Around" - JETSXOXO. Horrible games for our favourite teams today!

Lou Eriksson is out for the year with two torn "CL" muscles. Ouch.

Stuart and McQuaid are at it. "Mark Stuart's hair is longer than mine", Kendra. The ref sweetly wipes Mark Stuart's forehead and brushes his hair back. 

We've decided not to switch back to the Juniors. But the Jet announcers let us know Finland won 5:1. It's going to be a Swedish/Finnish final! Too bad Canada, but I'm kind of excited to see this showdown.

There is more coffee for everyone. With cinnamon!

Shout out to Graeme Busey for tweeting about the linesman fixing Stuart's hair.

We had to rewind Chara's facial expressions just now. What a mug.

"Too many situations left open".

Creating situations are easy. Seeing them through is another thing. Let's all work on that in 2014.

We're really curious who are readers are, guys. Please comment and let's be friends!

xo Nervoustime


  1. Hey sorry for commenting so late but I'm here, reading your blog, from Germany even!

  2. Awesome! Great to meet you, Jer! Thanks for reading our blog.

  3. I like hockey, but mostly just watch sports highlights these days. but will be reading what you got from now on. cheers