Thursday, January 23, 2014

No way Jose.

How is everyone doing out there? Rebecca reporting for nervoustime duty live from Arlington. It's -15 / -26 with the windchill. Wind is 50km/hr SSW. I just walked through a mini-blizzard to buy coconut milk. Mr Barchette was in a good mood and the coconut milk was only 2.29!

Weather report from Nicaragua: 27 degrees with 61% humidity. Hello to Kendra on the beach camping for her first time ever?

It's Jets @ San Jose. Maurice seems to be having a positive effect on the team - young guns have a chance to shine and everyone is trying to impress! Our boys have a 4-game winning streak under their belt and let's hope this continues (at least until Vanessa and I go to the game next Tuesday night). 

Text from K: "Wondering if the Jets are the new Blackhawks and will they win the Stanley Cup and not lose for the rest of the year and how wonderful would that be?" That would be so wonderful.

I don't know what it is about Shane Hnidy but he makes me uneasy.

I've had a 'reckless abandon' kind of month. I'm a neurotic person if you don't already know me, so being bold is wayy outside my comfort zone. And you know what? It's actually pretty fucking refreshing.

"Play like it's all or nothing."

Anaheim re-cap: All the Jets dads and bros are travelling with the team so here's an obligatory screen shot of the whole fam-damily Tuesday night:
What's up with the lonely Peluso family member who had to sit by himself?
Kane was back in the line-up and his Dad cracked a little smile after his short-handed game-winning goal:

Pavs had 36 blocked shots and Frolik's post-game interview was exceptionally sweet and showed the love and respect between these two great hockey players: 

Back to the game. It's so nice to hear someone sing the national anthems in an appropriate key so more people can sing along. Close up of Chris Thorburn looking hot. Respectful cheers from the Canadians in the crowd for the singer.

The last time these two teams played, Jets won in a shoot out.

Stuart has 88 blocked shots and is the New and Improved Hainsey. MarkStuart4Life.

Jets are off to a good start.

I got to meet David Suzuki just before the Neil Young concert (and by "meet" I really mean I barged in on his conversation and told him I loved him and thanked him for all the work he's done to protect the environment and how I always use his quote "we're in a giant car headed towards a brick wall..." yada yada). It was bold and it felt good. Oh and Neil Young was incredible and you can listen to the whole concert here:

What does it mean to "honour the treaties"?

I haven't seen Erid O'Dell yet?

Thornton is so precise. But Pavs will have none of it. Laces out Winnipeg (#LacesOutWinnipeg).

Jets power play! Obvs tripping on Ellerby. Good call, Ref.

This curry is really good. It's all about the curry paste, people.

'Michael Frolik with a really intelligent play.' Happy 400th NHL game! So many chances and subsequent intelligent plays.

"What a shift for the Scheifele line!" Say that 5 times fast. Scoreless at the end of the 1st period.

My favourite part about our blog is checking out who's reading it. We can track how people find our blog based on what they type into a google search (which blows my neo-luddite mind). The BEST google search redirect came from a recent reader who typed "Jennifer Hanson Red Dress"! Credit to Nick for writing a soliloquy from Ste Anne's describing his love for Ms Hanson and the days of yore. RIP Jets 1.0 and please bring back the Jets Wives Carnivals.

Back to the game, 2nd period.

Ellerby / Hayes scuffle but nothing to write home about. But Ellerby is letting himself be heard tonight.

Whoa this Brent Burns has some spectacular moves and a spectacular beard.

I feel a bit guilty for yelling at Claude Noel during his last game as coach: "Yo, Claude, where's the leadership?" And then I held up a sign that said 'WTF'. I didn't want those to be my parting words or sentiments. I was just emotional. So Claude, if you're reading this, please know you will always have a special place in my heart, and all of Nervoustime's heart. I'll especially miss your candid post-game interviews and dapper vest and sucking-on-a-lemon-drop-expression.

Back to the game. These sloppy crotch laces have to stop. I'm talking to you, Byfuglien. Tuck 'em in.

Players and laces and beards are flying. Oh no and now Olli is headed to the box for hooking. This is an important power play. ("Life is a power play"). Right off the face off and the Sharks score but the goal is waved off! Interference. How can Pavs do anything when Thornton is lying on top of him? No penalty.

And now Brown "tweaks up" Trouba face-first into the glass and it's a Jets power play. Good reffing this game. I'm impressed.

But nobody can score and the clock ticks down. End of the 2nd and still scoreless.

Slater Jim is making sushi on the latest installment of Take a Jet to Work Day. That contest is fixed I tell ya.

These late-night west coast games are really affecting my dreamscapes lately. My most recent one was so vivid, I can still remember every detail. I woke up feeling enlightened(?) So I'm taking it as a sign to go to Barcelona.

I really hope this game ends in regulation time. I want to get back to dreaming.

"You have to get comfortable in the situation." But not too comfortable, Moonchild.

Best twitter profile of the month goes to @PortagePlace

Bearded Burns runs into Pavs and he's hurt and the trainer comes out. Oh no oh no oh no. Montoya is stretching but he's still wearing his cap. Pavs is staying put in his net. And an obvious target for all these aggressive Sharks.

Bryan Little with a penalty but it should have gone to Nieto. I take back what I said about the good reffing. 16 min left in the 3rd. Penalty over and Wheels is allllll over the place! But wait now the Sharks are back in our end and Pavelski scores. 1:0 San Jose. Pavelec is not the same since that hit.

And it ain't getting better: now Kane is called for tripping and Sharks are back on the power play.

"Find the fire in your belly, boys".

Full strength but we're still down a goal. What a chance for Little! And Frolik! Another mention of Frolik's "intelligence". TOO MANY CHANCES.

Now there's only 2 minutes left and Pavs is getting a beating. 32-19 shots in favour of San Jose.

1 min left, empty net. Nervoustime. But it's to no avail this evening. Jets lose. 

"Be bold and brave".

Love, Nervoustime.

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