Saturday, March 23, 2013

hockey night in canada: leafs v. bruins

hi from arlington, first blogpost of the spring. 'do you think these guys pick their own ties, what makes guys attracted to certain ties?" - vanessa

woah i had no idea stephen page was kicked out of the barenaked ladies.

happy belated birthday to zdeno chara.

i announced tomorrow is ron hainsey's birthday and rebecca said 'uh oh. i still think he should suit up as a goalie, he isn't worth it otherwise.' vanessa: 'he is handsome but trade him.'

discussion of older players and their class 'who else is going to teach evander kane not to be a douchebag?"

tyler bozak also celebrated a birthday recently.

rebecca - "i'm not going to the albert anymore if they've raised their prices from the 90s" kadri goal = yikes.

here is where i need to state how terrible i am at fantasy hockey, the guy i am playing this week has kadri and i have like three players on IR which i didn't know or pay attention to.

'how can you punch someone's head with your helmet on' 'colton orr is from winnipeg?" 'he's still an asshole. if you knock his helmet off you take yours off?' vanessa says. rebecca disagrees. "you don't stop fighting to unlatch your helmet." we note colton orr is 31 and is acting a little younger. his horoscope: There is no point arguing with someone whose outlook on life is so very different to your own. he obviously has a different opinion as vanessa.

discussion of how the leafs are easier to like than they have been in the past.

discussion of oduya last years 'amicable breakup'.

who we want in winnipeg, gaborick? there not trading any blackhawks. we actually want phil kessel.

apparently our shoppers got a good review online. good for them.

lesson for young defencemen 'sometimes less is more'

we listened briefly to the band 'cocaine mustache' who are playing tonight at the albert. vanessa 'they remind me of grady and 5440' they reminded both becca and i of nickleback. vanessa begins defending nickleback saying there is a continum from them to the black keys. 

just took a sneak peak at avril lavigne's new single 'here's to never growing up' - prediction that colton orr also listened to it today.

any penquins up for trade? thank you to this blog for helping us with your amazing trade deadline chart:

the jets HAVE to win tomorrow hopefully we trade for gonchar and we can celebrate his birthday with him on april 13. also found out elias is available.

the ref down. becca wonders about standby refs. she will explore in her upcoming documentary about refs, they don't have their own medic, have to call on the teams 'what if they made a really bad call and the team's medic doesn't rush out as quickly as he should'

toronto up by two. grabovski who i have in my pool but am not playing this week. still think chara is a babe 'his neck is so long' 'i bet he has more muscles in his neck than i have in my arm'

apparently hnic quoted byfugien's weight as 295 last night.

'i hope every jet went out for coffee with their parents today and chilled out. they all need some close to home time'

congrats to phil kessel's sister 'highest scoring hockey player in the family'

also - welcome back teppo numinen is on. if anyone knows how to get us tickets to the april 9th game against buffalo, please advise.

discussion of how winnipeg is not on bad religion's tour. 'they have an album called true north - it's a sign' bad religion as anthem singers?

chara shot and not working.

james reimer playing well!

can babies go to the albert?

also - idea; bring balloons, blow them up at your seat and write on them with a sharpie and push them down and then thee will be baloons every where saying 'happy birthday hainsey'

finish lesson : sisu means balls or confidence. next sign : 'olli and mittens, show us your sisu'

vanessa reveals selkirk has a 'solid rockabilly community. they are known for old cars'

'is selkirk the capital of rockabilly and nobody knows?'

pj's flipped colllar. 'a tom cruise thing to do. it's not good.'

iginla, best opp to go to a cup contender.

we've discovered pj stock is part owner of a gym in montreal. kris letang works out there, rebecca wonders if they have zumba.

mclearan goal - another guy i have but didn't play this week 3-0 leafs.

bruins score. rask is in.

discussion of jaime lannister and david bergen.

mr. winkworth waves to david bergen, i saw him in delucas last week.

c'mon boston.

here is a link for people wondering about tomorrow's jets game:

the game continues. pretty boring. boston empty net. kadri most def my fave leaf. i need to learn more about him. BOSTON SCORES. nice tie.

who do the canadians fans hate more - the leafs or the bruins?

toronto won. oh well. first time beating the bruins in two years? have a nice night everyone.



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