Sunday, March 3, 2013

happy 1000th game marian hossa

what a great sunday. blackhawks detroit original six. we have a teppo numinen card looking over us and we also had thom bargen coffee. it's just becca and kendra. the interesting part of this original six match up is the nervoustime original six is also divided on this game, vanessa is cheering for the wings, rebecca says it's a tough one and suggested looking up the astrological charts for howard and crawford.

crawford is a capricorn:

Any mistakes you make over the next seven days will be magnified by Jupiter’s influence. For that reason alone, it will pay you to be a bit more careful than usual, especially where relationships are concerned.

howard is an aries:

Focus on what you are good at over the next few days. If a hobby or pastime means more to you than your day job, then by all means, spend more time on it. One day, your hobby could make you rich.

(source: globe and mail)

becca notes daily horoscope the phone app says for capricorn it's basically all staying like in your shell today and for aries it's time for new beginnings so she's going with the red wings.

the globes are lookaheads so it doesn't in my view have much to add for this game. i really wonder if mercury retrograde is affecting the league and of course it is the ryan o'reiley conterversy. if i ran the league i wouldn't always hold trade deadline just before the retrograde starts.

i, kendra, am totally cheering for the blackhawks mostly because they are my sisters fave team but also because partick kane's quote last summer about how he knew there were things he could change about himself was the most inspiriing hockey quote i've heard since you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

almost time for the third period!!!

rebecca notes two redwings are from mb, too too and ian white. well jonathan toews is so cool he equals two people.

looks like detroit has lost about half their games. last meeting between these two was in january, overtime lost for the wings.

patrick sharp, from thunder bay also counts as a manitoban 3-2 blackhawks, petition to include all of the canadian shield in manitoba upcoming.

rebecca 'i wish someone would score'

(that's how i felt about the jet game yesterday) ovechkin is still so good looking, i need to remind myself of this everyday.

'you don't let anyone fight for you unless you are teppo numinen and tie domi is on your team. where is tie domi, is he on twitter?'

we think he may but it isn't verified

woah red wings goal. as we were trying to find tie domi on twitter. becca blames the goal on crawford staying in his net and being a hermit.

still think there should be some blackhawks action upcoming. rebecca talked about the excitment last night montreal pittsburgh, she likes high scoring games.

we had no idea rob schnieder was in town and rebecca wonders if he is more famous than mr. belding.

discussion of steven harper, i have never heard any rumours about him. becca 'he is the only person that i follow on twitter that i hate. do you follow anyone you hate on twitter?" i don't. i think the only person i might hate is raffi torres. just kidding mike camelairi, no, maybe carey price only because of the story graham told me about the montreal coach.  this is a story for another time. maybe i should start following carey price on twitter to work on becoming more compassionate.

shoutout to the thom bargen croissants, so good!

tatar, 'like babar' 'BABAR IS AWESOME!' i would like to see a team with babar as the logo.

we aren't sure who graham would be cheering for. mark would be cheering for the devils even though they aren't playing.

that was a solid crawford safe, defying his astrological projection, 'come out of your shell!'

talk about coming out of his shell, oduya 'i don't think he had the same spirit when he was here'

this could be a record breaker, still lots of time. six minutes.

we are noticing more smothering of the puck that isn't called these days. apparently yesterday someone took it with their hand.

these guys are fast fast fast.

five mins left, still 1-0 detroit.

penalty. ha.

patrick kane!!!!! 'ever the opportunist'

the announcer is on fire.

another penalty.

THE STREAK IS INTACT, 22! hopefully it goes until 27 - numinen and oduya.

overtime is coming up......

i'd like to see hossa score the game winner, obviously. rebecca agrees.

the coach just had a piece of gum, i wonder if he's obligated to chew red gum for the team. personally, i would't mind as cinamon gum is my fave.

two minutes left in ot .

rebecca still working on her ref documentary 'so amazing in my head'

hello finland readers, we thank you very much for your support could you leave a comment and we will try to visit you.

also everyone, check out our facebook page, and our twitter accounts @nessnervoustime, @nervoustimek @rwinkworth and now overtime is over.

shoot out. great work by everyone and where are they going to put hossa.i think hawks will be kane, toews hossa, maybe not?

zetterberg probably on the wings. tatar? is that a rule that you put your goalscorer in the shootout, i mean like a karmic rule. becca comments you can put your goalie in the shootout, that i'd like to see along with mid game trade.

datsyuk up. miss.

pavel always reminds me of 'fivel'.

toews. miss.

brunner. so wide. maybe he's a capricorn

pk. so nice. that was the best. that was like 'what they do in the tournaments'


congrats blackhawks fans, our lives are really happy and spring is coming. rebecca 'i never thought id' feel bad for the underdog redwings.'

final thought, patick kane horoscope:

You can, if you want, find a thousand reasons to alter course over the next few days, but the planets warn you must keep faith in the route you have chosen. You’re halfway to your destination, so why change now? (scorpio)

the phone says don't miss the forrest for the trees, don't hyperfocus. we think that's why he slowed down.

have a great day everyone.

xo becca and kenny g for nervoustime. 

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  1. Great post ladies, wish we could have watched the game together!

    - Karla