Thursday, March 7, 2013

ode to chris pronger.

the chris pronger press conference today deserves for me it's own blog post. one of my favorite hockey memories off all time was taking my nephew to what was my first jet game of the new era and his first hockey game of life (he was five) and it was against the flyers and the crowd was yelling 'pronger' and my nephew wondered why and the guy beside us said 'he's an asshole' and then i kind of tried to explain that his job was to be more of the tough guy but my nephew got really compassionate and said he is just pushing people around a little to protect his friends and then he got really into shaking his head at the crowd when they would yell out "pronger". same year, he stopped believing in santa clause so i gave him a christmas gift from chris pronger who he does believe in. everytime we hang out, including the last jet game we saw together on saturday my nephew mentions CP and how much he misses him and should we send him a get well card.

for me, i like the flyers and i think pronger has played exactly the role in the organization he was supposed to. and how we are all just doing our best. the bhagavad gita says that it's better to do your own duty badly than to perfectly do another's and i guess for me chris pronger did actually do well but did what he had to do.

it was sad today to hear him talking about the pain he goes though or his depressive times and if that isn't what makes you be more compaissonate towards him, i don't know what would. i guess i'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. i can only speak for myself and that chris pronger has been one of the most important hockey players i've seen both on and off the ice and i am so happy that i got to see the (as of now) last game he played in winnipeg although i really hope it isn't his last.

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”



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  1. I was unaware of your likeness/love for Chris Pronger. Let's talk about this the next time we have a "meeting" Have to say I agree with the guy in the stands that he's an asshole. But I also never engage in the name chanting at hockey games. Nor would I explain it to a five year old in the way that fan did. Uncouth I say. Uncouth. Maybe we'll also talk about your feelings for Darcy Tucker and Tie Domi. I'm interested now.