Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"That's it! Back to Winnipeg!"

Present: Ness, Eric, Darcy, Jen and Becca. En route: Tracey, Gene, Joey, Vanessa, Megan, Nick, Lauren.

Live from Fox and Fiddle. Our cousin Kyle is working and we get hugs at the door. Shout out to Rick for hooking us up with VIP treatment and free nachos. We heartily endorse the place so far, and will hereby consider this the beginning of a long and mutually prosperous sponsorship.

Speaking of sponsorships, I always enjoy seeing DKNY on the rangers ice.

It's Jets vs Rangers and the end of their long road trip.

The first order of nachos have arrived. "These are delicious. Phenomenal."

Eric arrives!

Good start to the jets, they're playing great so far. Miettenen isnt playing tonight. "Poor Mittens, kneed in the groin only 17 seconds into his first game back."

And now the wings are here not even 12 minutes into the 1st period.

"Great penalty killing, boys" - Jen.

Nick and Lauren arrive!

The chicken wings are so big it feels like eating dinosaurs. There was a flavour mix up between Nesse's teriyaki and Eric's Peppercorn bourbon. Both are happy to have their flavours back.

Joey, Megan and Vanessa arrive and they smell like patchouli!

Start of the 2nd period.

Discussion of Art and Soul last Saturday. We lost Tracey and Gene by the end of the night. Text messages were delayed and Mercury was in retrograde. "Did you travel to Narnia?" - Joey.

Someone announces: "This is all stoner food". Fries arrive.

"I can't believe nobody's scored yet" - Nesse. Yeah but they're playing pretty lazily this period so far.

"Dingly dangly" - J Funk.

Shot of Cuba Gooding Jr in the crowd. Wondering where all the other famous celebrities are, like Constantine from Winnipeg. "If Cuba's the most famous person in the house tonight, New York, then that's kind of sad."

But wait!

Olli with the first goal. That's some Finnish Patience right there. "Is that like the English Patient? Next blockbuster 'The Finnish Patience' starring Olli Jokinen and Rebecca'"- Ness.

And one minute later Kane with an assist from Clitty with a miraculous 2nd goal, bouncing off the goal posts inside the net and then back out.

The Rangers fans behind the bench are holding real glasses which makes us wonder if Winnipeg fans could make this happen.

The Rangers hit back and Pavs is making some beautiful saves. Pavs was at Eric's restaurant a couple weeks ago. He ordered filet and had "very pretty eyes". "Probably so pretty you'd let him drive you home drunk." - Jen. Oooooooooooh snap.

2:0 Jets. That was a great 2 minutes of hockey.

We at nervoustime would like to say how much we love Zach Redmond and how grateful we are that he's ok. Get well soon, Zach! Keep your chin up, kid.

Callahan scores for NY. 2:1 Jets.

How great is it to have Buff back?! #buffunchained is pretty much the best hash tag of 2013 so far.

Bogey is beautiful. Those eyebrows.

It is really hard to live blog on a smart phone.

Olli scores again! Nice pass from Peluso! (Thanks for holding Zach Redmond's thigh together, Anthony. New found respect and admiration for ya).

End of the 2nd. 3:1 Jets.

The columns in this place are fantastic. Marble columns and floor. "It feels way too classy to be called a 'bar' or 'sports lounge'". More like an 'experience'. "I can imagine myself watching this game in Manhattan" - Ness.

There should be more fanfare at the beginning if each period. Like a cannon or fireworks. We missed 17 seconds.

Talking about trades. I (Rebecca) am not sold on Postma. Yet.

It feels really fancy watching the game here. "I nominate the Fox and Fiddle as the nervoustime bar"- Jen funk. "I second that emotion".- Nesse.

Weddings are stressful. That is all.

The guy outside smoking called Darcy the "guy with the hair". No arguing with that.

Darren Dreger looks uncomfortable when he's not standing behind the desk.

Let's start this 3rd period. "It's started!!!" Fanfare. (Jen)

Jets power play. Tortellini looks pissed but it was clearly a tripping penalty.

If Olli gets a hat trick everyone is doing a shot.

Pretty lame penalty kill. "Somebody hit somebody!" It's getting rowdy.

NYs Pyatt scored. 15 seconds later and it's Kane with the 4th Jets goal!

If Kane gets a hat trick we're not doing shots.

And then Stralman scores. It's 4:3 jets. 8 min left.

More nachos are being passed around. Nobody wants them anymore, everyone is so stuffed. Order more beer though.

Slater gets called for holding. "Bullshit". The bar is getting louder and we're not the only ones yelling anymore.

We hereby nominate Hainsey as back up goalie.

Throwback gossip about Bertuzzi.

Empty net NY. Nervoustime!

Game over, final score 4:3 Jets. Amazing game! Love from Nervoustime. xo

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