Monday, May 30, 2016

stanley cup final game one!

"i have been so preoccupied with my own relationship this past year that i haven't been able to focus on my first love, hockey" - rebecca / "NO KIDDING ME TOO" - kendra

so begins, hopefully, the start of a better era here at nervoustime. hello from arlington. we have some pizza here, our delivery guy had a positive attitude, rebecca has a new amazon fire stick and it's 2-0 pittsburgh.

This definitely brings back memories of the first year of nervoustime when pittsburgh won the cup.

we don't even know who scored because we spent the first period focusing on our relationships, 'we had to catch up.'

but here we are. rebecca is engrossed in dairy queen cake options and we are pretty sure don cherry is cheering for the penguins. here he goes chirping about canadians. what does don cherry think about hockey teams that don't have winter, i wonder.

ron tells it like it is 'san jose has 11 canadians, pittsburgh has 9'

san jose scores

have you seen malkins parents, anyone ?

'they are really active on facebook......

great pizza combo - jalepeno and sausage, what a dream!

rebecca loves big joe and little joe so we both agree this series is a win win.

the arenas look so big compared to ours. 'it's so hard to get out at the end of the night' - i can comment that in new york there is lots of room in the madison square garden and tons of washrooms.

second period and rebecca is doing a collage.

consensus on the penguins uniforms are 'too much like boston' and 'even a little nashville.'

great description of 'a human pinata'

oh right, eric fehr is playing!

marleau scores! we had him on our fantasy hockey team!

final thoughts! hope we get to a full game sometime in the playoffs. 'the newscasters should have playoff beards'

xoxo nervoustime

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