Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jets vs. Bruins, live from Ste. Anne

Hi from Ste. Anne Manitoba. Jen and Darcy are back from down under and hosting the crew at their rural homestead. Rebecca, Matt, Eric, Trevor, Jen, Darcy, Tracey, Gene and myself, Kendra are all in attendance.

'there is a band playing tonight at the Ste Anne hotel'.....

we have the game paused because it took awhile to come together. We did acknowledge this is our first blog since the election of Donald Trump.

Rebecca on her Evander Kane jersey 'I don't remember if I threw it in the garbage because I didn't want anyone to have it or if I gave it to the goodwill. I knew when I was moving I didn't want that energy in my house.'

Tracey and Jen are both wearing their nervoustime jerseys. Eric wearing the funk 66 jets jersey (borrowed)

Trevor - 'are you working?" unaware of our blog or potentially what a blog is

'if you would have googled eric wahl before you started dating you would have found our blog trevor' - rebecca

no score. highlight so far the description of puck handling 'feathered it ever so ginergly'

discussion of pronunciation of laine and ehlers names 'its lane to me' - j. funk

delicious food all around tho including red potato hashbrowns and sobeys chicken wings, 'they are very meaty'

'is anyone else excited for save on foods' - 'they have people making perogies in store'

it's a powerplay for winnipeg.

matt actually built the save on foods.

moving on to a spirited discussion of movies / tracey has gone to two movies in the last two weeks, arrival and dr. strange - recommends 'dr. strange if you had to choose but go see both'

rebecca on petan wearing 19 ' it's too soon to take slater's number'

Slater Jim we miss you xo

Discussion of whether or not a goalie can receive a penalty. Verdict? Yes.  Something about a Trapezoid rule.  Seems bogus because the goalie doesn't actually serve it.

Smoko has strong feelings about someone. Turned out to be prophetic, as Smoko was right on the money.

That one player is unreasonably tall for a hockey player. 6'9".  And what kind on name is that anyway? Serbian?

Food was EPIC. Shoutouts to the Pakora from Charisma, which Eric feels would be a good name for a gay bar, but isn't sure why.

The sartorial Don Cherry wore a white suit emblazoned with black moustaches.  Very editorial. Must be a Movember thing.  Don Cherry says you can't beat guys from WPG for toughness.  Scar prevention tip of the night, "Rub some cocoa butter on that and it'll come right out."

Tracey tells us about Pilot Mound's senior citizen fundraising calendar and the oldest model is in his 90s. "We need to get that to Don Cherry to plug on his show". Doug Collins, 68, posed in his corn field for the calendar. Collins, who is retired, sits on the town's municipal council and sells his sweet corn at roadside stands.
Doug Collins, Pilot Mound resident 


Finding Dory is "very nice".

Question: is it impolite to "lean" while at a hockey game? Someone asked Grant to lean back at the Tuesday game. "Unbelievable."

2nd period. back to matters at hand. According to Matt the 1st period was "flaz├ędah". Marchand: everybody hates him. "Little ball of hate."

Boston scores. Beleskey with the first goal of the game. 1:0 Bruins. Silver lining of it all is that the organ player is incredible.

4 minutes into the period and the announcer is wayyy negative: "what a conundrum".

Talking about Hellebuyck and the names we call him: Clutterbuck, Huckleberry, Knuckleberry, Clutternuts.

Spelling bee time. This period has been a bit lack lustre. Jets power play but nothing.

Marchand scores and Boston leads 2:0. I'm blaming Ste Anne's internet for losing a bunch of blog content that will forever be lost into the ether. RIP blog content. It's getting scrappy.

There's been another Boston goal- Bergeron scores. Will Clutternuts get the nod?

27 - 7 shots on goal. Discussion of lowest shots on goal in a game. We consult the internet:
  • "I really have no idea but I once saw a game where one team only had 7 shots on goal. That was quite freakish but it wasn't in the NHL it was in the SEL"
  • "Toronto was held to 6 shots on goal once in the playoffs vs. New Jersey.
    That's the lowest I can think of, and I believe is the record for a playoff game."

Consensus on Reddit is that 6 shots is the record.

Sorry Jets, this has become a pretty boring hockey game as Rebecca has mentioned regarding the shot, Jen blogging now.

Discussion on whether we should go to the spelling bee sometime at the Good Will. 

Now this guy has just strolled in and scored a goal. 4-0 We would like them to pull the goalie but it looks like. Time to get Clutternuts back in there.

The announcers have actually stopped calling the play at5:12 left in the third. But we now have shots in the double digits. It could be that the Jets are trying to lull Rask asleep in order to score a goal. "there called microsleeps" Eric. 

Holy cow! It worked. I highly doubt the sleep of Rask with come again for the last 2 minutes though.
Legible autographs or good penmanship is a great quality.

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