Monday, April 25, 2016

playoff post! blues v. blackhawks

hello from arlington!

'i don't think we have blogged all year so we have a lot to catch up on' - rebecca

this is kendra and rebecca watching the blackhawks / blues game seven, we just ordered burittos from skip the dishes and are waiting for our courier to be matched.

what a year of highs and lows, terrible year it turned out for the jets and andrew ladd, former captain and new dad has a chance for a stanley cup. i am certainly cheering for him and if the blackhawks are eliminated tonight may not watch another playoff game.

we have lots of chips and sauces on the way.

i can't watch the blues without remembering the time i was in st. louis watching them play anaheim and the most animated the crowd got was when there was a blimp dropping down mcdonalds coupons and the crowd was chanting 'we want big macs'

i guess the blues don't have a lot of luck with playoffs, here is a great destroyer song 'your blues'

Our courier has been matched - Anikkunle - we are their 1157th delivery - totally the Jagr of Skip the Dishes, what a vetran.

It is too bad about Jagr, I would have liked him to win another Stanley Cup however I still believe hockey shouldn't be played in any area that doesn't have winter.

I'm not sure if we ever mentioned Rebecca's cat Smoky but she is totally lovely and here for the game.

first actual game related comment 'great voice' on the anthem singer.

they did a shot of the arch which is actually fantastic.

2-0 blues. yuck. our food is here and we will likely go to bed early.

have a great playoffs everyone!


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