Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Nervoustime

Jets vs. Islanders, great electric guitar anthem woke us all up. first nervoustime event for rebecca's new cat smokey - who is not physically in the room but hopefully she will check out the game at some point.

Jets currently undefeated and I'm wondering what their longest season start streak was.....

Matt's friend Kyle arrived wearing a jets jersey (33 Buff).

rebecca has created a spreadsheet reflecting astrological signs of the current top fantasy players....this is available to all nervoustime fans if you comment - we can get this to you. we are also thinking of getting an email address. She has discovered Roman Josi (Nashville) who is actually quite the babe...and a gemini.
Roman Josi, Swiss and loving it!
Eric has arrived with news that the liquor store is open. The cat also came into the living room! Discussion of the new 3-3 overtime. discussion of mark stuart 'all about the community"

it's 1-0 for the islanders. apparently the jets have been doing well in the second periods this season so let's see what happens.......i wonder how michael frolik is doing...

power play coming up. thank goodness the ref is wearing number 27 as the goal looks like it has been waived off / what is the yellow ribbon about? predictions of who will score for the jets, schifle,  petan...

another goal for the islanders...three points for john tavares. quick review of jim slater's adventures in switzerland, we miss you jim! schiefele scored, kyle called it.  "he could be the next teemu" - rebecca on ehlers.

Clutterbuck and Byfuglien just had the collision of the weekend. Buff's fine but Clutterbuck is in the dressing room.

Regardless of what happens today, it was a great omen to win the first two games and you can sense the camaraderie on the ice this year between the Jets.

"Clutterbuck sounds like a kids name" - Matt. "Well, at one time it was" - Eric <deadpan>

The Islanders have a great organ player story (and look at that organ!) We should really petition to get a real organ player in Winnipeg.

Ladd with the tip for the goal! Or it might be Buff.  3:2 Islanders. Clutterbuck having issues with his skates.

"That's the second time Clutterbuck has killed the energy after we scored. He's messing with us." - Eric. I really appreciate that kind of hockey insight. Don't you?

3 minutes left and it's Nervoustime. Tavares with a penalty shot. PAVS WITH THE SAVE.

New moon in Libra: Opportunities abound so let’s summon patience and kindness for all.

1:30 left empty net. "Not terrific ice". Empty net goal and the Islanders take this one. The Jets burned too much fuel during the start of the season. Tomorrow's game will be the test. Get some rest, boys.

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