Thursday, March 19, 2015

St Louis in Winnipeg. Capricorn in Aquarius.

St Louis @ Winnipeg. It's 6 degrees, North wind 15km/hr. We're a bit late watching the game due to technical malfunctions. Present: Nesse, Eric and me (Reb). Shout out to Jay in the basement!

"This would be a great game to win." Amen, sister.

We just had a hell of a time ordering from Skip the Dishes. It was my first time ordering online because I don't trust the internet and I prefer to talk to real people over the phone when ordering curry. But there's a major silver lining - we can track the gps of our driver, who's named James. And we will be his 99th. I suggest we make him a sign in case he has a delivery before ours "Happy 100th Delivery, James!"

Can we just talk about the electric energy in the arena on Tuesday night? The "Who's your captain" chant will go down in history. What a smart crowd we are. Poor Big Joe. Dude deserves the C. Seniority counts for shit in professional sports, doesn't it? I made a sign for Buff on St Paddy's Day but he wasn't playing so here it is, if you read our blog Buff this one's for you:
James is on his way and we are, in fact, his 99th delivery. 
This living room is a Ru-Paul-Drag-Race-spoiler-free zone because I haven't watched any episodes yet. Eric's talking about Carson Kressley and I'm ignoring him.

It's been a scrappy period so far. Is Stuart hurt? #MarkStuart4Life Good penalty kill by the jets. Now we've got a power play and it doesn't matter. End of the 1st.

We're waiting outside with the sign for James. He looks surprised, we get our soup, give him the sign. "Deep down, I think he appreciated that". We hope someone makes him a 100th sign at his next stop.

Not including empty net goals, these two teams have only been playing 1 goal games "for the longest time" according to Dennis Beyak.

The soup is outta this world. Tom Khat from Thida's. I can't describe it without using colours.

Adam Lowry goes to the box "that was a bullshit call".  Replay, okay maybe not. But uncharacteristic of Lowry. Usually an incredibly smart and articulate player.

Captain Backes gets the 1st goal of the night and we couldn't be more upset over here. Reeves gives Halischuk a dirty hit to the head. Camera scans to Papa Reeves in the stand. At first we thought the camera guy might be racist, but they're related. It's cool, people.

"Thorburn backforms"

Trouba hits the post and that ping can be heard throughout the galaxy.

St Louis has 3 players with birthdays on December 23rd. "That's a lot of Sag, man". No, it's Capricorn! Michalek, Oshie and Lehtera. In fact, over 25% of the team are Caps. Incredible, no wonder they're leading in the west. We have more feelings on our team. Lots of Aquarians. And that's fine by me. They would actually make great lovers, these two teams. "Instead of a shoot out they should have a scissor-off", Eric. "They are lesbian lovers?"

Aside from the inappropriate commentary, this period is actually really exciting! TJ Oshie gets a shot and Pavs dives to make the save. Amazing save by Pavelec. Back in the other end, Scheifele with a short-handed chance. No goal yet by the Jets. Back to our end and Pavs saves the day. The crowd chants "Pavy, Pavy" and I love chants of encouragement.

2nd intermission and we're going for a walk.

It's beautiful outside, you guys. Poke your head out. Do it. The wind has lightened to 11km and I'd bet it's coming from the west now.

4 minutes into the 3rd and it's sitting at 1:0 Blues.

We're commenting on the new Dodge Caravan commercial with the mom giving her kids some hands-free attitude. "Naw ah, you can't come in the car you filthy children."

There's a Passover movie coming out. About Moses. "And Batman?" "Adam West? I want to see Exodus starring Adam West", Ness.

FU MAN DREW! Stafford ties it up with a beauty goal. We have a hockey game, ladies and gentlemen. "The hero of the moment" - hockey/love analogy.

The crowd keeps chanting Pavy and my heart goes pitter patter. Who thought I'd be calling Pavs the underdog? Well, I am. And I'm rooting for him.

Halischuk looks like he's been stuck in a bunker in the woods since he's been back. Amish much? THAT BEARD.

31:19 hits for the Jets. There are those feelings coming through. 

Text from Jen Funk 66.

Stempniak, our newest Aquarian, nearly got away with a get away. But the refs have stuck their whistles in their pockets. Are they paid OT? The clock is running out and we are going to the 4th period.

Lots of chances, but it's all down to the goalies. Shootout. Nervoustime.

Wheels: No.
Oshie: Yes.
Stafford: YEAH!
Tarasenko: Denied.
Ladd: YES!
Steen: Game on the line, and Pavs with the most territorial save ever.


Everyone's packed up their leftover soup for lunch tomorrow. Btw, tomorrow March 20 there's going to be a solar eclipse AND a supermoon. New moon in Pisces and that's all good news for the Jets.

Love, Nervoustime

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