Thursday, January 29, 2015

They're looking Beardy out there.

Welcome to an impromptu meeting of the Nervoustime gang to Ste Anne, Manitoba!!

Present tonight, Vanessa, Rebecca, Jen, Smoko(the dog), and Thunder and Francis (the cats).

Shout out to Darcy at work, Kendra at home (who sadly had to cancel her visit), Eric in the air and all other nervoustime members with busy, busy lives.

Almost 5 minutes in the first period without a whistle. Maybe this will be a fast game. We've started late so are watching a little behind time. AS soon as we catch up we'll be making homemade pizzas. Seems like pizzas happen often when I invite people over to the house.

Come guys. Hutchinson is in the net. No need for all the defensemen to also be in the net. Vanessa gets really pissed off when players try to sell being hit. Players at this level should not let this be a part of the game.

Vandevelde scores. Not liking the chaos of the Jets defence so far.

Andrew Ladd certainly is getting pretty beardy. Nothing on Thorburn's beard though.

Sweet rebound as Mathieu Perreault ties it up!!

Watching the Safeway Goal and win contest we are reminding that thanks to Mathieu someone was one goal away from winning a million dollars not so long ago. I feel like her first name was Gail. there we go. Gail Macdonald from Brandon.

Let's talk about how great Chris Thorburn has been doing. 3 goals in the last 3 games. I'd say that his was the best line in the game against Pittsburg on Tuesday.

Power play for Philly. Could have sworn the announcer just said 2 minutes for interference but no. It is of course interference.

Great save Hutch, with 2 guys in your net. Probably couldn't even fit a puck in there.

Mention of the all-Star game. We are all in agreement that it was the most boring game of hockey we've ever watched. Although I was trying to learn a new crochet technique for a border on a baby sweater so that was probably quite helpful.

Wayne Simmons scores. I have never liked that guy. He's just always been a really dirty net player in my opinion.

Jets powerplay!!! Goal Pereault. Apparently we haven't scored a powerplay goal since he's been gone. We sure are happy he's back.

Period 2 no purpose.

The pizza distracted us mostly till now. 6 minutes left in the second. Just witnessed some Hutchison Gold on this recent penalty kill.

It appears that Pavelac has put his laces back in. Very interesting. Whenever Pavelac is winning and not saving like a mad man, I like to shout, "Laces out Pavs, laces out." As support. What will I do now?

We all may have just had a sing along in Buff's honour. "Every day I'm Byfuglien"
I like when he passes the puck in front of Philliy's bench so they have to wait a couple more seconds to change shifts.

Third period.

If you know me you know I wear a Sweatshirt that has a bright orange crest on the left that says loser. I find that often when I wear a combination of my loser sweatshirt and Jets Jersey at the home games, we win. Vanessa suggests it's my superman Clark Kent Combo.

Shoot. That was a gorgeous goal. alone in the slot. You really should never miss those.Way to Schenn. Fuck.

Michael Hutchison saves the day and a big Buff moment. The fire is there. 14:37 left. A lot of nervoustime here.

13:07 very aggressive penalty kill by Philly. Gosh when is the last time Wheeler, Little of Ladd scored a goal?

2:28 and we're happy to see Perreault is still out there.  Empty net. Damn. Another empty net goal.

I feel like it would be a better ending at least if we could use this 1:21 to score a goal.

Just realized it's our old goalie in net for the flyers. Ok. Game over. Oh no. Sorry it's Steve Mason. Never heard of him.

Good night from Ste. Anne.

Wait hold on. If I drop Denis Beyack's name people will thin I'm freinds with a god. Free shit here we come.

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  1. Another Jet loss. We don't get much Jets news here in Arizona, although we do get more NHL here, even a few games on NBCsN. Keep warm, and in the words of Red Green,"keep your sticks on the ice".