Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy new year: winter classic 2015

blackhawks vs. capitals, happy new year everyone from ruby. the crew is slowly arriving and we have an incredible variety of cheese related foods to eat - jen made a cheese ball, there is a brie/cranberry mix and for the lactose intolerant there is a vegan cream cheese based bean dip.

we realize while we would regularly cheer for the blackhawks cheering for washington would be better as a jet fan. discussion of what a blackhawks jets playoff series could be like, 'could you imagine patrick kane in the city that much?"

did anyone party with the new york islanders last night?

no score and once again the question 'does this game count' was asked.  we are checking the's seven degrees, extended forecast - on sunday it will be 15!

eric has arrived and washington just scored. eric fehr!

does this game count was asked again and karla and megan has arrived. 'i love that guy' - vanessa on ovechkin. shoutout to reuben and lois in courtsite, arizona.

discussion of google plus. or circles or whatever and washington scored again. still the first period.

power play

 and the hawks are on the board. assist by patrick kane and we are pleased to announce that patrick kane is now on our fantasy hockey team! we traded nathan mackinnon and our first round pick for next year but it was worth it.

we would like to have a hockey rink in the empty lot and preston and arlington and for next year have arlington host the winter classic.

jamie begins chanting 'crosby's better'

patrick kane apparently arrived listening to the rick ross song 'big homie" . (none of us have heard this song but we will listen to it laer).

apparently puff daddy is on that song though and tracey begins playing it. we don't like this song and are each making mix cds for patrick kane. karla's will start and end with 'call me maybe'

washington penalty.

don cherry's advice for the year ' love your stick'

jen and becca like dc's suit. karla 'there are no good suits when worn by don cherry'

who is this playing music, nobody knows.....we can't look it up because we are behind in the game and not able to check our phones., one guy in this band has the same touque as me (or beanie as michael would say - hey michael!).

eric ' day time fireworks are a waste of fireworks'

rebecca 'there are so many things wrong with this game. it's too warm, fireworks in the day time, who is this band'

next year apparently we get the heritage classic and the we are planning out dream classic- six am, your parents drive you, (s o here are fireworks because it is sill dark) you can bring your own mug.

karla brings a tray of meatballs and serves us each individually. eric 'I've can say i've never had a bad meatball'

Jen Funk now blogging. Did you know that at the annual winter classic Winkworth fiesta whomever blogs also gets the best seat on the couch. Here's a holiday problem. There is too much delicious food on the table and we are all quite full.

Reb here now. Lots of discussion right now about the World Junior championship. Just realized that tomorrow is Friday. Darn I thought I had one more day to do less.

Discussion around vegemite and what the hell is mincemeat anyway. Back when there used to be suet in everything, ya know. Other weird things we've eaten.

"I'm done trying new things" - Darcy's 2015 resolution.

Dad (Greg) is getting Smoko some booties. She's hiding under the TV table but you're not invisible Smoko. We all see you.

"They need to stop moving that camera around', Eric (who didn't drink last night).

So far, it's been 6 minutes and Smoko has only 3 booties on.

Booty fashion show!

"Thanks for the pretzel socks, Rebecca". I never gave him socks. "Well, you're getting credit for the socks." If any of our readers have lost some pretzel socks, Eric has 'em.

Smoko went out to try her booties and even though we're so excited for her, she's happy to have them off.

2:2 tie game if anyone is interested. The video work is pretty lame. Are they using hand-held cameras?! Everyone likes the toques though.

Jaime has an idea for a xmas holder decoration but that makes Kendra and I very nervous.

We're very upset about the WFP Year in Review quiz. Where is Mr. Michaelchyshen?! This year's quiz is by Bart Kives and it looks like multiple choice. WTF WFP?!

Versteeg looks uncomfortable. Getting consoled by his teammates.

Chicago has more love to give than Montreal. As a team, at least.

"Don't put your hand down there between those pillows", warning from Vanessa.

Now Smoko is having her paws tickled.

Rave reviews of Winnipeg's Cat Alert Lady, "quite the lady", according to Karla.

REF CAM! who thought of That ?

9 Minutes left in the third and everyones really happy that Darcey's finally agreed to take some leftovers to work.  Also, at nine minutes remaining it seems the game could go either way....two very dangerous teams for sure.   Megan announces that she doesn't want to offend anyone, but owning a house adjacent to someone in her family is NOT something she would do......what if her raspberry bushes became unruly ? 

five minutes left and we are caught up to the actual time - 2-2 is the score. i'm quite sure this will go to a shootout and we will get to see patrick kane at his best. karla is proudy wearing her carey price earnings.

discussion of pillows. attachment appears strong.

washington powerplay and jonathan toews is upset.

broken stick but a goal anyways.

capitals win which is good for jets fans, they all shake hands, we would like that at all games.

happy new year love nervoustime

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