Saturday, February 2, 2013

happy anniversary hockey night in canada

Celebrating 60 years of Hockey Night in Canada. It's flashback to the inaugural HNIC with Boston and Toronto going head to head.

Ceremonial puck drop with Chara and Phaneuf. "Look at how small Ron McLean looks standing next to Chara".

Bruins jersey-wearing child spotted sitting on his Leaf's jersey-wearing dad. See? World peace is possible.

Dougie Hamilton's first game, first line! We are wearing our PJ Stock Crew tshirts.

Discussion of how Olli Jokinen is a little like Teppo in terms of modesty and how family oriented he is. "He's a good influence" - Rebecca. Speaking of family oriented we turned to Tim Thomas and what went wrong. Did something happen or was he always an asshole and great save Rask!

Dougie Hamilton is wearing 27~ our favorite number.

Woah woah boston goal! woah chris bourque who just celebrated his bday on Tuesday. Happy Belated Chris!!!

NO GOAL toronto!

question: are the toronto refs so important like how on other games they say 'we are going to toronto' here we don't have to? like they will make a decision in 30 seconds? that was a pretty quick call anyways.

Now we're going to eat some delucas!!!!

'one ounce of heart is worth a pound of muscle'

i'm really obsesseed with the song from the scotia bank commercial and rebecca just brought me lemon and hot water!

apparently raffi torres is back tonight.

another non goal.

decisive move by the toronto refs.

any rumours about ref conspiracys? one idea they are 'taking the envelope' because of financial hardship from the half season. can the refs and players be friends? This would be one of the things Rebecca would ask in her pending documentary about hockey refs.

The Hot Stove is talking about Weiss and when he's going to be traded. "Why haven't we picked up Weiss?" "Maybe at the Tuesday's game we can expect a jersey switch!" We're wondering why the Jets haven't spent their salary cap. "What are they waiting for?" Maybe saving up for the next season. We'll see.  Now on to Luongo. "Why haven't we picked up Lu?" "He needs to go somewhere hot".

Everyone is full and lying down after all that delicious DeLucas food.

We know you're married, PJ Stock. But if anything happens and, for whatever reason, it doesn't work out, Kendra is available.

Start of the 3rd. Lebron James is attending his 1st hockey game tonight and the camera goes to him and his teammates in the box. NBA HIPSTER ALERT! Kendra discovers that Lebron James has instagram. "Of course he does".

We all think that swagger is an overused word. Rebecca 'falsely used" Vanessa "it's made being an asshole more socially acceptable'

I had no idea Frazer McLaren was playing! Good for him.

Discussion of political statements made through facebook cover photos and the dessert is out.

Final minute, now is the time toronto. rebecca thought i called them the leaves. 

The game is over. Final score Boston 1: Toronto 0. 

Final thoughts "Can't wait for me and Byfuglien to feel better" - K, "Boston won! Awesome job Dougie Hamilton" - Vanessa, "Happy Birthday Hockey Night in Canada, from Hockey Night on Arlington" - R.

Love you all,
The Nervoustime Crew


  1. Ladies, you really need to help K with her dynasty hockey pool team. It's sitting in second last place with a 0-2-1 record. Also, she hasn't started a player in the skater position once this season.

    1. hi ziggy it's kendra. i don't know what you mean where i haven't started a skater so can you please tell me what that means next time we see each other or call or text me tomorrow but yes i will get some help from the other girls and i think this might be my week, this morning when i checked i was tied. slow and steady....