Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nervoustime! Bouttime!


It's the first Jets game of the short-stack season! Not sure if the season will count for much but we are ready for it.
12minute countdown until puck drop, Jets vs Sens.

Topic  - the history of the Manitoba curling sweater & knitting hoarders.  Why are these people keeping these patterns a secret?! 1955 patterns, think the copyright is up!  "I'm gonna make mine, and share it with you" - Funk 66

Teppo Numminen jersey front and center, PJ Stock Crew in the wicker and KG in the sweet spot reading Detour.

National Anthem, the key of G! c'mon, the Peoples key! The woman who sings the national anthem in Winnipeg is butchering it. Reminiscing of national anthems in NHL.

Elliotte Friedman looks great. "PJ Stock is such a babe."

Nervoustime would like to wish Andrew Ladd a hearty mazel tov on the arrival of his new baby.

frances bold statement 'the lockout was the best thing to ever happen to hockey'

aw mark stuart for life!!!!!

burmistrov looks good.

oooh new finnish flash olli jokinen. wellwood is jen's 'leaf that she likes' - also she let me in her house (kendra) even though i am a leafs fan. 'the lockout changed her'

we all love slater.

grant clitsome skates on to the ice 'clitty clitty bang bang' chant erupts

toby looks like he's aged a little.

The Winkworth relatives "the Jet Suits" are on tv. shout out to all our families.

National anthem now - the singer is just as bad as we remember her. "I played the oboe and have perfect pitch"- Funk. "She's better than me" - Fran.

can't even believe we are watching hockey. also present is darcy ( going to work) and eric (back from phoenix)

drinking cider with rum. eating amazing cheese wrapped in slowcooked bacon. really the most incredible thing.

oh, neil. worst worst worst. mark stuart is up good news. mark stuart 4 life.

GOAL!!!! buff. amazing celebration 250 pounds!!!!!!

found my ron hansey medialion and it is sitting on the laptop for inspriation. discussion of dressman's move to the chicago bears - fave coach of the winkworth baba because he is jewish. flashback to the greycup where she was the only one cheering for the allouettes.

greg reminds us of his iginla to the jets rumor and the closeness of getting jokinen. jen doesn't buy it 'we got a player'

the jets look solid according to greg. schiele is cute. tripping to ottawa!

skip to  news the penguins are leading the flyers. vanessa 'philly does not seem like a team that practices in the off season. they are too busy drinking and acting in movies'

let's keep this power play perfect guys.

discussion of how much we miss oduya and the bacon is still great. eric suggests watching in punjabi one time. brushetta is out!!!

oooh sloppy for the jets and ottawa scores.

frances solution for the jets road record 'they should bring a bunch of fans with them' more specifically, us.

also reasons alfredsson shouldn't get penalties according frances: he's the captain, he's 40.

vanessa has handed out christmas gifts, apron for jen, roughriders seat warmer for me. greg early prediction that the second period won't be as intense as the first.

another ottawa penalty! a lot of us have cheered for ottawa in the past. also update from my sister that oduya is doing 'great'.

jen suggests workng on the power play.

'you can't score goals if you don't shoot the puck' - jenn

announcement that there are more bathrooms at the mts centre.

fran has a secret, 'go to the concorse in eaton place or the budweiser lounge' - they have bathrooms there'

great shift and another penalty.

'you don't have to be quick you just have to be smart'

there is a lot of knitting going on here.

just checked my hockey pool and i am losing to ziggy 2-1. he has byfiglin and milalchuk. i only have a point for malkin.

6 minutes left in the 2nd, shots on goal 8-1 Jets (nothing to show from it yet)

Ottawa pp. Hava Nagila, let's go!

Pavelec looking pretty solid in goal.  Is the queen here? Yes the queen is here, with the royal guards.

nice PK. nooooo. Senators take the lead. Hainsey, you are not the goalie.

discussing what different franchises have done to apologize to their fans. what are the Jets doing? 1/2 price drinks and food (so you can get a soda for $4 instead of $8) Beer Not Included, and for one game only. thanks guys!

Historically we are better in the 3rd period than the second. not like the Bombers where it's 'come from behiiiind, almost, maybe, nope.'

Jets in arears after 40 minutes.

with the Jets season comes along the school season for Eric and Ness. learn something new every day!

Funk 66 with fight straps on the jersey. another good reason to have a penis.

Neil. terrible hitter. boooo. he can just stay in the locker room. KG says he's the 'new Patrick Kane'

Jets history, brought to us by Ron Maclean.  PJ Stock I missed you!

3rd's on! Pops excited bout NFL football tomorrow. Go Ravens!

scramblin. jokinen and kane need balance out there. push-forward-forwards.

there's yogurt guys! the buffet grows.

discusson of produce at safeway and hey, you can still get vegetables at two am. eric 'i always wake up craving lettuce. maybe i can get a perscription for lettuce'

nice ottawa penalty. fran 'if you can't play hockey on the river, you don't deserve an nhl team'

ponikarovsky moved to the fourth line - pst!

this is a sloppy time.

ottawa on the power play. another goal. karlson is vanessa's fave senator.  jen and i have alfredson as ours. karlson apparently said during the draft that it wasn't fair that the sedins could talk to each other telepathically, and he called them aliens.

why is nobody at the front for he rebounds?

discussion of brent burns' hair. please google image this.

jen attending next friday's game, discussion of whether she should wear her lemieux jersey, answer wear both. we also talked earlier about how cute it would be if a player was traded to the other team mid game, like a quick switch in the second period. we'd take karlson on he jets i think ohhh and turris scored so another point for ziggy in the fantasy pool, yikes. 

well, the game is almost over, great to have hockey back.

final quote, frances; oh well.

we still love you. and we also love karlsson and jenn and i love alfredsson and see you guys soon!!!!

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