Monday, November 21, 2011

the crosby show, november 21.

2nd period thanks to rebecca bringing her work laptop. fancy. present, kendra, gsp, rebecca. my apartment is so hot i've changed once and graham just took off his sweater. we got pizza from paradise and breadsticks. drinking cheetah power surge for the first time and it's pretty refreshing. graham says it reminds him of grape tylenol. so sidney crosby, thoughts? rebecca, "i gotta think about my words a little bit.' graham "i don't have any yet, you can ask my thoughts on feta and tomato pizza. that's my thought on sidney crosby." graham has been getting lots of texts and is already four lucky's into the evening. "it's like summer time, a bunch of lucky's it's 35 degress in this apartment and sidney crosby's back, it's like a typical june day" rebecca. graham is going to check his facebook. so it's a break right now, still hasn't gotten any cooler in this apartment. we have discussed our hope that people don't hit him hard. i LOVE the saying 'new season, new hat' as i used to have a theory that i would only date people who only owned one hat. i find when people own too many hats it is too overwhelming. rebecca has her head close to the screen and is wanting to make out with sc. she also likes the hat detail. super nice to recieve messages from other fans, ryan, etc. the breadsticks are also great as always. rebecca and vanessa got free pizza recently, it was 78 minutes and free. not sure if it's over 75 mins or what when that happens. 'i should have ordered a salad, 20 pizzas.....'. we also were talking earlier about how chris pronger is probably a really nice guy off the ice and there are lots of parks in winnipeg, speaking of parks conversation turns to the occupy process. what do you think think tanks come up with.....what's your message? what are they asking for, just a discussion about how our parents don't always understand the drumming circles. that's what they are hearing from the news. tom broadback 'we want our park back" graham disputes he has ever been to that park. the other park has a name the stockbrokers may not know. 'i hate drum circles but i hate corporate facism even more'. graham's talking about postal rally's this summer and how the speakers didn't mention how the industry has changed, they have lost leverage because of technology and they don't mention that.
third period up. 'i feel bad for the goalie, kindness." another goal for the penguins. just to say if you read our archives the pens were the original faves of nervoustime when our blog began in 2009. graham already thinks the penguins are going to win the cup this year. we're still talking about police brutality. very serious night here at nervoustime, i blame the heat. i am so hot right now i'm contemplating changing into a sundress. rebecca is barefoot. graham asks if sidney has a brother...he must have one. that's not his brother though. maybe he has an older brother......pittsburgh and montreal this saturday. who is that guy? the coach didn't tell the team. i found out from kelly hrudey, rebecca found out on tsn, graham found out from me. we listened to pam's broadcast (new sportscaster) but she mostly talked about football. rebecca is dressed for summer in capris. graham still in longjohns. 'all sid all night' rebecca loves fluery. 'like a butterfly'.
so we are all getting subway giftcards for xmas from graham. last year i gave everyone maps with their favorite restraurants marked with stickers on the map.....rebecca - sals, vanessa's pancake house, sherri, taco bell, graham nook. 'we have to go to sals one day' ' we have to go to the st. james nook.'. ....we're giving a shoutout to ducky, breakfast conisouer. discussion of how often restaurants change their vents. favorite smells, rebecca 'dryer sheets' kendra 'red wine' graham 'cinamon' haha i might change my smell to orange but at the game yesterday i got a little too cute.....'oooooh someone smells like wine....." so we also didn't look back while reading the stadium and right after saw ace freeley's biography in chapters 'no regrets' and that made it seem more realistic. also what we will do in berlin. one minute left in the big comeback game. realized we haven't really been talking about the game but it's good to blog again.
final thoughts graham 'you can never have enough rope.' kendra 'no regrets' rebecca 'i think we should all try and get tickets to the next pittsburgh game.'

xo gps, r and k.

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