Saturday, October 22, 2011

first live jets game blogspot

breaking news!!!
game hasn't started but we have confirmation on scott oake's birthday! his nephew spotted us with our sign on portage ave and let us know: birthday july 17, 1952. the randomness of winnipeg is truly magical.

we're in the best seats in the house. shout out to uncle norm! met our neighbours (also coming from the bombers game - they won!) feeling good about this game. despite carolina's winning streak, i'm thinking the winnipeg winning streak is going to trump it.

opening thoughts: "holy shit", vanessa says "jets are going to win". "feeling verclempt", rebecca.

good pace. we can smell the players from these seats.

weak goal for carolina. jokinen.

another weak goal. 2:0.

"i've never seen the coach yell at a player like he's yelling at scheifele right now" - our neighbour. vanessa's reading lips: "he said 'no more funny business'".

2:1 now! burmistrov!

eric staal is way better looking in person. also apparently it's burmistrov's birthday today. 20 years young.

end of first period. the crowd is fantastic. so protective of our young guns. we think oduya might've seen our sign.

also, multiple text messages confirm nesse and i were on cbc.

2nd period and jets score 4 min in - slater brings in the lead! 3:2 jets.

evander kane shoots his first of the season! there was another goal too! we missed it waiting in the beer line. we are trying our hardest to pace ourselves, it's been tough limiting alcohol consumption with the bomber and jets double-whammy.

5:2 jets!

this game reminds me of why i love hockey; community spirit.

staal-sie and oduya are itchin' to fight.

the cbc camera guy likes us.

the "i'd do ya oduya' sign made it on cbc. held by the guy across the aisle from us. he had no idea what it said but seemed really eager to grab it from us. now he says we're "bad news". we can only implore that it is, in fact, all good news. best thing is nervoustime got a major big-deal shoutout on cbc! maybe scott oake will read our blog now!

making friends smoking outside during intermission. people chanting 'go jets go' amidst the haze of tobacco and other smokable products.

back inside now. the beer line is insane. there are a lot of line-ups at nhl games.

still waiting 5 min later. ridiculously insane. beers cost 8.25. again, insane.

back at the seats. slater's hurt. i'm worried.

the guy from across the aisle comes back. he's received many emails/texts teasing him about the "i'd do ya oduya" sign. we can't wait to make more signs. this cbc guy really likes us and we think this is the beginning of a long-term relationship.

jokinen scores again. 5:3 jets. still feeling confident, although the jets are looking a little pooped.

been a lot of bullshit penalties. 5 on 3. nervoustime. birthday boy burmistrov is incredible. we tell him so.

our neighbour's name is neil.

end of game. 5:3 jets. we may be their good luck charm. neil thinks so, too. just sayin'.

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