Saturday, December 31, 2011

Party like it's 2011 - Happy New Year's Eve!

V & R representing at the Flo, rocking the eyeshadow and awaiting Kenny G & GSP. "I hope Kendra is wearing eyeshadow"- R. "And that someone is bringing veggies".

Someone once said you can never wear too much blue eyeshadow.

hi guys! it's kendra here and it's almost a carnival like atmosphere here at nervoustime and you bet i'm wearing eyeshadow.

The Leafs have the lowest PK average in he NHL in the last eleven years! Ya!

Graham has arrived with lots of chips.....pam has bumped into enstrom, she is texting from the game.

lots of leafs fans in the house, graham 'probably chris hannah' - graham 'i love the jets after that game. why didn't you get me a glass..."

the food is fantastic so far. lots of cheese and dips and fried things. Vanessa made sure nothing burned in the oven (high five!)

ok we're gonna report a brief moment on the game: it's the 3:2 Jets. Bogosian with the 1st goal, Ladd with the 2nd and Wheeler with the 3rd. High fives all around.

CBC cuts to a shot of Evander Kane wearing a silver suit (a wee bit snug) and Graham thinks it looks like it's made out of duct tape. "Eric Fehr, I like him a lot" - GSP, "But he's not very good."

Oduya is once again on fiyah tonight (BTW, #iddoyaoiduya is a hashtag sensation!) Bogey, also playing like a superstar.

Group discusses the "boo effect" when the Wpg crowd tries to intimidate opposing teams by booing and taunting players. GSP doesn't like it. Rebecca thinks it's all about context (ie if a player recently injured a Jet).

"Why does that referee have a hockey stick?"

Jets nicknames:
Enstrom - Pocket Lidstrom (apparently from Atlanta)
Wheeler - Wheelz
Oduya - Johnny O (I'd do ya, Oduya)
Kane - Big Daddy Kane/King Kane
Byfuglien - Papa Buff/Big Buff
Pavalec - Pavi
Hainsey - Hainseysey
Bogosian - Bogey
Ladd - Andy

GSP's phone ring is the Sex and the City theme song.

Time out. 1 minute left in the game!


Tension on the ice between Bogosian and Cormier, despite the awesome win. "They must have slept with the same girl." Apparently the Jets will be partying at Rudy's tonight - we're still contemplating crashing "especially now that they've won, they'll totally want to party!"

Jets can ring in the New Year as WINNERS! So can we. And so can you. Love to all our nervsoustime readers and thanks for the great 2011. Can't wait for 2012.

'can we watch a big daddy kane video?'" - graham. 'oooh bon jovi in buffao'

happy new year love nervoustime xoxo

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