Sunday, October 9, 2011

jets game 1.

Jets vs Habs

In attendance, Vanessa, Rebecca, Kendra, Eric, Baba Ida, Aunty Josie, Winkworth parentals, Mikers

1-0 Montreal late in the 1st, Camillari gets the goal

16:25 Camillari out of the game.

8-6 shots on goal for the Jets.

"Chipman cannot stand the music they play in the dressing room"

18:56 Jets PP! Hal Gill in the box for trying to hold down our Shieffle
19:30 5 on 3 PP "go Jets go!"

Becca wants to pump up the team in the locker room, beginning with Numminen Inspirationals.
Vanessa thinks we should all go to a game in wedding dresses, with "future Jets wives carnival" signs!

Coaches corner, Don Cherry in slimming blue and white cheackerboard. Rebecca wants mentioned that uncle Hart swapped his candienes yarmelka for a jets one at Yom Kippur dinner last night.
Vanessa does not know how to let go of the Red Wings, but knows when push comes to shove its Jets all the way!

ok, this is kendra with my thoughts on the first period/last 15 years. the biggest thing i've learned is to stop falling for montreal canadians fans. they will break your heart as will the team. it was disapointing that mike cammelerri scored. i would have liked it if he waited for the jets to score first. might be a penalty but another penalty. so also, vanessa and rebecca also told me blogging is better than twitter as it is forever. a fourth power play for the jets so lets make this happen. i have considered naming a child if i ever have one after the first jet who scores today, here is hoping it's evander kane as i could also say he was named after my cousin evan. the jets are a little cautious i think, playing it by fear perhaps. i do sure like the chanting. vanessa is either drinking organic soda or red bull. eric went to work. there is open mike comedy at the cavern also a going away party at my family home. the jets have a great looking team, we all agree about this. my dad wanted to go to the game with steven harper. there was evander with a solid shot. 'he's been a pretty good threat' - mikers. 'it could have been evander goertzen' - vanessa. she is also not sure if she spelt 'scheifele' right. i am almost sure i didn't either. words i can spell: dogg. dessert, which is coming out. things we toasted to at dinner: the jets, friends and family, occupy wall street. another thing we did: discussed how close our food came from. vanessa 'i hope gsp is not wearing his habs jersey.' my thought is he probably isn't. what i hope he's wearing: a new boss tshirt - mine is in the attic, i was meaning to find it. i gave my jets jersey to my exbf tom. baba is reciting poetry. 'i think that i shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree' and the play goes offside. mikers likes the colour of the uniforms. i don't like gionta either, no update on cammereri. auntie josie has fallen asleep. how many pizza pizzas are their in winnipeg. i heard the la kings are going to do well this year. another goal for montreal. they are going to a boston game - the family. auntie josie is now awake and screaming at the crowd saying they need to wake up too. 'let's get some enthusiasm'. yeah, we need a goal jets. bailey is now falling asleep. chris osgood retired? i had a crush on a guy who wore a jersey of his in english class. come on scheifle! contracted for ten games? this mark stuart thing is kind of criptique for me.....teemu is still playing. auntie josie 'bring on the bombers'. i guess this is a win/win for gsp. and that makes me happy. 'it's lonely there on the goal card' - frances. i do love the rr's. 'kendra buffelin wants to be a hunting or fishing guide. he could be the best hunter in the village for all you know' - rebecca. 'id go scuba diving with paul postma' - kendra. 'montreal's not the powerhouse they once were' - greg. i think kessel is going to have a big year, well i learned that from my cousin kev. greg tells of a coworker who won thier hockey pool a few times using astrological chart. mikers says scott oake's in his early sixties. vanessa still wants to know his date of birth. dale hawerchuk 'looks suspicously great'. finally life is back to the room and the mts centre. i would definitely name a child nik. 'i think the fans are waking up' - mikers. 'suban, i love that guy' - greg. they are chanting, 'carey'. i'd like a glass of water. winnipeg penalty. 'go fishing buddy' - greg to dustin b. ugh. 3-1. definitely getting a water. the numinen jersey is hanging sadly on the mantle. discussion of hanging a jets flag at half mast. j lo car commerical\/ does everyone remember benifer? greg - 'ill do the blogging. what the fuck?" ugh. i really love montreal as a city but not their hockey team. i think the jets goalie should do more yoga. well there are more games but this is still probably the saddest blog entry. 'suban sprawled. he's a sprawler. blocking the shots, putting his life on the life.' - greg. another one, that was a good goal. this is devestating although the pie was good. vanessa is talking about jamesons and south park. greg saw a bald eagle take a goose out of the air the other week in the country. we all want shefile to get a goal. 'i like the pumpkin muffins best of all' - josie. we spot family friends in the crowd. people are happy for the first time. ok well, this has been an okay game, good to have the jets back. welcome home.

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