Wednesday, June 1, 2011

stanley cup final, game 1

first period:

rebecca talking about a interview she saw with peter mansbridge and the sedins, apparently they are not canadian citizens. and the dave bidini article? amazing. rebecca predicting a 4-2 series for the canucks (edited from 5-2). the best part of the jets rally was three drunk bruins fan yelling go boston that everyone booed. apparently rebecca is also on a shaw tv loop that will be playing for one month. she was also interviewed by cbc but they didn't air it. vanessa was just appointed fabricland treasurer (ed note: not true). "great deal" should not be in quotation marks, it's either a great deal or it isn't. oh wow peter mansbridge interviewed mark donnoly too who said he was the first person who turned the mike over to the crowd.............the mean age on the atlanta team might be 21, we are discussing trying to marry them instead of buying season tickets. oh no boston four minute power play. discussion about the new salary cap again, and the issue is now the lowest players. and the jets are back, yeah? maybe fisher or comrie is going to retire? these are all things elliot friedman has been talking about. luongo is making some good saves. sidney crosby, 'hockey is his life that's all he's known." chara is HUGE. kesler is shrinking? sidney isn't coming back until he is like 100 percent. 'you can never be a hunded percent sure you will never get a hard hit' - vanessa. killed they come, sedins v. timmy thomas. van power play coming. we all do like timmy tom as a person. he is so happy. who is the hockey player that looks like bradley cooper? someone from tampa or san joe. ryan malone is apparently super foxy. tampa has a really good looking team. full strength now. where will the hockey players go? cute thrashers: jim slater, blake wheeler (k's choice) even though dvorak was born in '77. defenseman: 'that's my favorite section - rebecca) zach bogosian for vanessa, ron hainsey ('probably better looking in person'), johnny oduya (from sweden!!!! he's 29 and rebecca wants him), sherri gets byfuglien. jets wives assignments complete.

"your mom sheila would be so proud of what you accomplished" ron mclean to mark chipman on HNIC. don cherry holds up his weight-lifting jets t-shirt and asks chipman "you gonna name them the jets, or what?" chipman's answer sounds like a round-about 'no'. don asks "what about the queen, mark?" chipman responds: "no plans for the queen, i don't see the queen in our future" ??!?? WHAT?! the queen's portrait must hang at all cdn legions AND at the winnipeg jets game. plain and simple.

second period:

5-on-3 for the bruins (the remnants of some misdirected manlove at the end of the first). vanessa's thinking of not watching the 2nd or 3rd game so she can go on a date! must be serious!

lucic takes a HUGE summersault! hamhuis is limping now? "who's gonna get the penalty?"

"chara's too big!"

2 man advantage for the canucks. annnnnd now it's 4 on 3. "so many penalties!" 4 on 3 is something you don't practice a lot.

ah we also watched the trailer for howard the duck and now we're eating cupcakes. so many penalties and no goals.

spotlight zoom-in on timmy tom - don't shine a spotlight on a goalie! end of second period.

during the second intermission smoke break we met a young fellow riding a bike who was very angry. he had just thrown his phone into the river he was so frustrated with the conversation. we told him to enjoy his freedom.

michael j & ron mclean are super cute. boston and vancouver are michael j's favourite teams. why is michael j fox hanging out with gary bettmann? during the jets press conference everyone booed when gary bettmann came on.

third period:

"both goalies are spectacular" we're still sitting at a no goal game.

kendra wants to buy one single winnipeg thrashers season ticket (paid for by sponsors) and make friends with whoever she randomly sits besides...for 5 years. "it will force me to be single!" discussion on whether we can actually afford to buy season tickets and lock in to multi-year plans. "that's what visa is for!", vanessa.

raffi torres scores!!! 18 seconds left in the 3rd. 1-0 canucks! game over. we were all preparing for overtime. thankful for a good night's sleep and luongo's shutout!

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