Saturday, January 1, 2011

winter classic/happy new year

winter classic, and so far the food is dill-icious. "i just can't like him because he married carrie underwood" vanessa on mike fisher. the ottawa/toronto game is on now and the maple leafs just took the lead. "think i might be cheering for the leafs over the senators" vanessa

present: eric, rebecca (in the kitchen), sherri (in her own kitchen) vanessa, kendra.

eric brings out snuggie "how does it work?"

so far the year has been a little weird. spezza is injured.

sherri has margueritas. eric not only is still wearing the snuggie he is also using the skull mug and likes it. sherri hands out straws.

"just imagine if every single one of us were wearing snuggies right now"

two nothing leafs.

when is hockey's birthday? a commercial just said feb 12 but last year it was on the 30th.

eric able to use the remote while in snuggie. conversation moves to eric's socks. another leafs goal..............!!!!!!!!!!!! i actually just to love the sens - kendra

fifteen minutes to the wc

i'm wearing the snuggie now (kendra) and i'm blogging while wearing it.

we're almost ready to eat.

we are doing the quiz now.

"i think that canadian living magazine could change their name to the beaver" - vanessa

our themes for the year are lipstick and dill.

we all love clara hughes

discussion of the bombers coach.

they switch have way through in the third period "extra fair".

discussion of what a jumbotron is.


rebecca puts on lipstick

power play

i still feel warm from the snuggie i was wearing earlier

oil spill, BP

"ace burpee's comedy is the same as darcy oake's illusion" - vanessa

congrats to burton cummings on his high school diploma

discussion of the world cup and governor general

"there are so many lakes left to be named" - eric

what is a beer snake?

1. the beer snake is not dead. 2. if i was at that party we would have it. 3. "it is a recycling marvel and a combination of science and community" 4. "i'm going to send a picture of us with a beer snake" sherri. "LONG LIVE THE SNAKE"

fluery: stay in your net. sherri isn't that the first lesson in goalie camp. rebecca: "all of the great goalies like to assume more space"

"i have a feeling she was here in point douglas" - sherri on michaelle jean / thank you eric for the spelling lesson "she was born in haiti" "she's in haiti now" "i'm sure there will be another question about her"

green day "they always make me happy even when their songs are about sad things" vanessa

discussion of the u of w validictorian and we don't know that one

roundabouts in wolseley?


"i stood in one of those body scanners in amsterdam" eric

leslie neilssen, rip. "airplane was recently inducted into some film world heritage something or other. it was designated as very important work."

discussion of coronation street parties

spinach cookies are good.

i can't wait for them to do the change!

they were going to change the block of portage apparently.

let's do our score.....60 out of 63, but with bonus points we actually scored 100%

oh and by the way washington scored 3 goals and the final score is 3:1.

Happy new year! xo

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