Sunday, December 19, 2010

growing up with the weakerthans

last night two fifths of nervoustime, gsp and myself went to see the weakerthans play their last four albums at the burton cummings theatre in winnipeg. scott oake wasn't there but sally was and that was good. the albums were played backwards and commentary and tears reminded me of things i've learned and loved about the last 13 years, sidewalks, north kildonan, frozen lakes. if nothing else the 49 songs essentially provide 49 ways to love winnipeg. and i think of my favorite winnipeg citizens, both past and present and an interesting part was in 'wellington's wednesday' they took it a little further with the new order lyric "oh it's the last time". but it wasn't. the weakerthans are going on even though not ever thing else has gone on in the last 13 years. what i can say about that is the three hours of emotion reminded me that you can be as wide eyed as the rest at 30 as you can at 20 or 25 or 33. and somewhere love and justice does shine cause it was shining through the whole place last night. and i can't escape nostalgia and that isn't a bad thing. who we are and where we've lived and what we've lived for and the songs we've sang along the way are all the small parts of the days we've spent together and will continue to spend with others we might not even have met yet. and i did hang diplomas on my bathroom wall and i'm happy the total came to three. and who knows what will happen and maybe there will be more. if i can take what i know now about open hearts and risk and love all of my past reviews can be 8.4's or 9.2's using pitchfork's system and thanks for the wishes that did dishes and for the flowers and that book.

and most of all i believe i will find another album to love like i loved fallow and i wish the same for everyone.

love like winnipeg,


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