Thursday, October 7, 2010

Game 1 - October 7, 2010

Game 1: excitment abounds.

In attendance: GSP, Sherri Sugar, V-Dog, B-Town and Kenny G.

We're in the midst of game 1 between Toronto and Montreal, with Montreal leading 2-1. We attempted to hack into the nervoustime account, but couldn't without Kenny G's password. All is well now, we're eating a delicious cornucopia of samosas, fig goat cheese puffs, mozza poppers, nan w/ hummus and veggies (for Zumba's sake).

Spotted Earlier: PJ Stock on Battle of the Blades.

Graham: "We should be blogging about THAT!"

8:08pm Just Spotted: SCOTT OAKE. He's looking paler than ever. A little off his a-game tonight.

8:12- toronto scores! maccarthur get the goal. talk of weakerthans and sold out shows.

8:14- montreal scores! halprin scores...1st goal! gsp "another off season pick up!"

3 to 2 for leafs 15 mins left. collective "awwww" from becca and gsp

8:20-talk of how great our facebook fans are.

8:31- talk of montreal tying it up so we can see a shoot out!

8:33- leafs on penalty

8:37- nervoustime as a groups decides to go to see FuBar 2 when it comes on Novemeber 5th.

8:38- great save cary price!

canadians running out of time! puck is still loose!

leafs win it! good last push from montreal! gsp would have liked it montreal won! sherri thinks this means it is going to be a great season!

the story of how kendra and gsp met. heartwarming story. "those were the days..."

9:00 pie time! room agrees that there is waaay too much elliot freidman.

9:14- mts box re boots. becca is FURIOUS!

9:17 - 3 minutes it took for fucking mts to reboot. but we're back!

cake is out - beet cake and it's delicious.

piarvi (paajarvi) appears to be the one to watch this year, in hockey and kendra's spelling

fight. jones and stephan meyer

noted 'atb financial' on the ice - shoutout to atb employee and nervoustime dad theo

idea for a drinking game: drink every time the phrase 'battle of alberta' is mentioned

"interesting" sherri on the cake

"the pie is really good though"


"that was in before the post went off" vanessa. penner. vanessa calls for a penalty shot while enjoying ice cream.

"beets are good for detoxifying your liver" sherri

"this pie is really good" gsp

"the pastry is perfect. it comes from years of making pastry" s-town

"i've never had a beet cake before" graham

vanessa on the phone

"the kids aren't backing down" flames penalty.....oilers power play......."takes like cofffee" YAY'''

oilers goal

discussion of the lsat

the oilers are on fire, another penalty coming to calgary

brendan morrison "i didn't know he was a flame"

graham discussion of biking to vita

"i think we should bring canning and pickling back" sherri

"it is back" rebecca


paajarvi "he looks very swedish"

fourth power play for the oilers

'saucer pass' 'it's like hockey never even stopped' vanessa 'the shortest off-season of any game' sherri

"still cheering for pittsburgh' sherri

penner number 27 'lucky number' rebecca 'should have got a penalty shot' vanessa 'easy to spell' kendra

shout out to those in three bands

calgary 'on their heels for the most part' 'too much waiting calgary' 'giaradano i do like that name'

battle of alberta sign spotted. beer snake remembered.

end of the fist. edm 1 edmonton out shooting the flames. scott oake talks to rookies after the break. kendra: "is anyone going to bed?" becca: "you...and maybe vanessa."

talks of scott oake and the rookie...." got a few texts telling me to settle down."

face off 2010 discussion on the movie "face off" with john travolta. becca "i liked that movie."
discussion on scientology and celebrity gossip about the travoltas .

coast to coast with kelly hrudey!

they seemed displaced tonight. becca "scoot oake is anger and looks whiter if possible" vanessa "look at his canines...they are sharp!"

discussion on "jizz" for ten minutes kendra "what's that?" oh wait discussion on the past tense of "jizz"is "juzz" everyone agrees, no one should online date a guy who's user name is "juzz".

the new tv is fantastic! good picture! battle of the blades on sunday...who's in?

do you think that coaches have "lucky" ties that they wear when they want to win? sherri: " when i in jr high i played on a basketball team and i had lucky underwear." becca "that can be your opening line when you meet snoop dog."

10:32 first fight of the season! a doozey!! :"down he goes in the bear hug."

10:36 fight! maintaining the sutter tradition. Ryan Jones for holding: "I like his coif", Sherri

10:40 sherri: "where's the dictaphone?!"

10:48 rebecca: "open stickies!" voice command system failure.

11:15 everyone has left, i've gone to the bathroom, tidied up and edmonton is up 3-0.

11:15 edmonton scores again! 2 nd of the night for Eberle! "everyone in the province of saskatchewan do a high five for Jordan Eberle" 4-0.

and that's how it will end. 4-0 edmonton. i'm liking the oilers this season. i forgot how much i love khabibulin. "A new era in Edmonton starts tonight!"

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