Wednesday, June 9, 2010

game six!!!!!

all together.


rebecca can't see so she's put on her prescription sunglasses.

sherr's changing her ring.

first cory heart reference of the night. vanessa to rebecca "are you wearing your sunglasses at night?"

first period begins.

15:13 it's heating up. hartnell looks like a hot hot moses.

13:44 discussion on dating and alcohol. they do go well together. i'll drink to love anyday!

12:49 3 buses away = long distance relationship

12:11 "tremendous energy in this game!"

11:12 chicago power play

9:01 "Oh Leighton"

7:32 sherri accuses the blog of being biased so far this game.

6:49 neil young is a princess.

6:30 philly power play! sopel's in the box.

chicago power play coming up.

rebecca starts discussing the road, the movie.

"is it kind of like that clive owen one where they can't have babies?"

"no, it's like walking though a forest fire


a few high fives. rebecca and kendra refuse

shout out to debbie! momma k!!!!

shout out to my mom then too jackie!!!!

rebecca and vaness's mom: love you too!!!

all of our moms have birthday's coming up

graham's mom: bday sept 4th.

the philadelphia role is out!!!!

sherri and me have already been golfing

philadelphia goal!!!!!! kendra and rebecca start off with a warm hug and follow it up with a fantastic high five.

rebecca eats raw fish "if i'm going to do this, you're going to blog it?"

"it is good"

"the cream cheese one was too much for me" kendra

"the salmon is too smoky" sherri

interview with dave 'the hammer' schultz

kendra exclaims "my last name is schulz!"

we're now discussing the jets

go jets go!!!!

"that interview with gary bettman and ron mclean made me so angry"

now 2-2 with 7 mins left in the second. nervoustime totally. jonathan toews blackhawks christmas photo just shown to the crowd.

discussion of 'the optional helmet'

'you had to sign a waiver'

"i have a strange feeling that this game is going into overtime" kendra

oh no another chicago goal

3-2 chicago and it's the end of the 3rd period. nervoustime!

"everybody in the cfl smokes pot". it has been decided nervoustime will attend a bomber game together in the 2010-2011 season. consulting the bomber website...saturday july 24 edmonton at winnipeg it is.

stan bowman (GM) looks nervous and is massaging his face with his palms.

3rd period commences.

the group reminisces about the hockey season spent together, sharing favourite moments and highlights. you can feel the love. love you guys.

15:30 kendra declares that chicago will likely win. rebecca is shocked and dismayed. "there's plenty of time left in this game!"

12:48 the conversation returns to Scott Oake's son Darcy Oake. it is unclear whether Scott's tweet is slagging his own son after watching the video link.

9:34 it's gotta happen for philly soon.

7:18 kendra changes her tune and is now confident philly will win.

"there are 28 canadians playing in the game tonight" inspirational statistic.


rebecca smoking, sherri praying "wishing for a hockey dream"

"im stating to get a little bit nervous" sherri

"it looks like they're all cheering for toyota" vanessa

"ladd looking a lot like sharp" vanessa

47 seconds left...........

leighton save

hossa" he played for detroit last year and pittsurgh the year before. he always goes for the team he thinks will win."


let's crack the wine

"i love don cherry in overtime more than i love don cherry after first period" rebecca

the room makes fun of Elliott Friedman. it's too easy.

18:10 in OT "this is good hockey" graham smith-peloquin

"i can't believe the biggest asshole in the NHL, Patrick Kane, wins it. i hate that guy" - kendra. "that's so weird" - graham. absolute shock.

so chicago wins the cup. what-evs.

see you next season!!! stay tuned for a potential NHL awards blog - june 23rd! and the bomber games (if they ever televise any of 'em) xoxo

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