Wednesday, May 12, 2010

game seven

monteal and pittsburgh - nervoustime. third period 4-2 montreal.

montreal kills penalty, 17 mins left in regulation. graham has montreal jersey, all others going for pens. we ate jumbalya. celebating halak's bday which is tomorow.

'the hockey gods love kindness' ron mclean

canadians coach looks like my dentist - kendra

no goal.

the old clock is back

malkin's parents spotted the other day

just saw them!!!!!!!

100 day flossing challenge - rebecca's starts today, kendra's is tomorrow

so close

pittsburgh coming on strong



rebecca and graham no longer sitting beside each other

commercial for cialis 'my dad told me to take up the mandolin' - rebecca

graham had a rebeccas dad alert on wolsely

still 1-0 philidelphia

'come on boston' - graham

back to the real game

the towel is out

halak robbed malkin

'it's like he's possessed by patrick roy' vanessa

'come on pittsburgh we need this right now' sherri

12 mins

'i thought everybody liked the montreal canadians. i'm surprised' graham

too many men on the ice


31 in these playoffs

'somebody has a montreal canadian's hand puppet'

'i'm making a teppo numminen hand puppet' - rebecca

'do they have any statues of him (teppo NUMMINEN) in finland' graham

'i hope they start strategizing right now' - sherri

oh no

montreal goal

smells like campfire


they moved the bike rack

3:30 min left in the 3rd. pittsburgh powerplay.

3:00 min left and this isn't looking good for pittsburgh.

'fuck' - rebecca

the crowd has already started to leave the bell centre in montreal to start a riot in the street.

"who would have dreamed it would have unfolded like this"

game done.


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