Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cinco de mayo: 2010

first game: boston v. philedelphia

2-1 boston, discussion of chara's longer stick. kendra thrilled at the gifts from the us - including cherry pepsi. rebecca and vanessa wearing nervoustime shirts. first power play of the game coming up, discussion "when can they put a lien on your vehicle?" kendra informs all that she knows nothing about that.

flashback to last year when we also blogged on this day, at the time 20 of the 23 blackhawks were single. who knows how many are now? last year was also gsps anniversary of attending nt, he isn't here tonight sadly.

just also realized that last year vancouver was also playing chicago and graham was going for chicago.

sherri's crying about lost. "i didn't realize they were going to start killing characters."

boston goal

boston win

vancouver game!

opening quote: "if you face danger, sing to it" - ron mclean

bob mckenzie discussion "reminds me of a guy who lived down the street from us"

first game on home ice, applause "not bad going home with a one game split"

rebecca gets out towel

sheri "how long are you going to do this for?"

rebecca until the crowd does


"i love it when they come out so fast"

sherri "there are so many reasons to like both of these teams, it's a win win situation right?"

vanessa: "no. go canucks."

rebecca still waving towel "four minutes later"

star spankled banner, not the best signer

"his voice reminds me of christmas"

"this is the best version of the star spankled banner i've ever seen"


cute guy spotted in the crowd during the anthem

different numbers on the clock


"maybe it's a picture of the one in the arena"

"double shifting the sedin line when he can"

toooooo many single men on the ice.....chicago!

lots of shooting "a real sense of urgency on this vancouver power play"

rebecca thinks she's related to malkin

the sedins come on

vancouver penalty now demetra hooking

four on four

they scored


"real scrambling play"

not impressed

"third round centre on a first round shift"

crazy power play

Antti Niemi is my HERO........ Even though I'm only 11!!!!!!! My screen saver on my iPod Touch is him!!!! I know I'm akward!!!!!! :) - found on a dating blog

vanessa leaves

we're all leaving after this period. good night

xoxo go canucks! sheri, ness, rebecca kendra

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