Wednesday, April 28, 2010


montreal v. washington, game seven, third period

present: vanessa, sherri, rebecca, kendra. graham is at his parents. texted 'aaaaaaaaa' earlier to let us know of the 1-0 montreal lead. the game isn't on cbc so we had to wait for rebecca to get home from the gym.

ready to go:

washington scores....NO GOAL!!!! ovechkin knocked the skate of the halak!!

16 minutes left in the period.


since when did hockey games have cheerleaders?? "ice girls" is what ness say they are...the clean the ice, and only the "lame" americain teams have them.

13 minutes left in the period....montreal nursing their lead!

becca is making some tuna...yum! agrees that it is a non goal. yes, not a goal! boudraur is like a cartoon character.

montreal scores!!

washington scores! 2 minutes left!! 2 to 1! juicy rebounds galore!

penalty! montreal! ooooohhh...calls of overtime come from all parts of the room...and ruby street.

MONTREAL WINS!!! great game 7!!


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