Sunday, February 21, 2010

olympic time: canada vs us!!!!

graham, sherri and kendra reporting from apt 17. party across the hall too!!! rocking arlington st......

discussion about the european teams having more experience playing together......sherri quickly changes facebook last name to 'nervoustime' and suddenly deletes, kendra explains real reason she became a fan of 'molson canadian' and yes, that does not mean i've been drinking it.

team takes to the ice, we all put on our martin brodeur bracelets.

puck changing direction...refallski scores for the states. kendra states that luongo should be put in net!

interesting fact there are 6 "ryan"s on the states. kendra sends a shout out to birthday boy, ryan holland!

shots are even at 2 in 2 minutes of the game. sby on a break away...good chance, nice save miller!

getzalf penalty! sherri is happy she spelt getzalf right!! yes!

usa power play...okay brodeur show us what you can do!

graham remarks that he is very nervous....all agree this is for reals nervoustime!!

canada kills the penalty!

high stick against the states! canada on the power play!

hese tsn guys...sherri doesn't now about them....twice they have said the goalie was luongo! also she has noticed

CANADA SCORES! staal scores!!!

US scores...within less than a minute..." that's what is called " answering back"- kendra

"play within character not out of character" brodeur definetly playing a scrambling game is his own worst enemy, but i still love him!

shots 17 to 5 for canada. canada has had some good chances, but miller has been good!

room wonders what scott oake and kelly hrudey are doing...twitters have not been update for either.

second period

canada scores!! heatley to tie it up!!

the room goes wild!

winner of this game gets an automatic berth in the quarter final

shots are 23 to 9 in favour of canada.

laptop issues are making this blog a little harder than normal...sherri's screen has finally called it a!!

kicked out by brodeur! yes!

discussion of the LA KINGS....supposedly they are good right now...who knew!

miller picks it outta the air!

canada is dominating this game, according to tsn. sherri misses cbc.

US scores. score is now 3 to 2. brodeur is having MAJOR puck handling issues tonight...he has allowed 3 goals on 15 shots. sherri wont be surprised if he doesn't play the 3rd, kendra is surprised he made it this far.


staal penalty, holding. US on the power play.

graham " ooooh no, oooh no" literally has been saying this all game...

3rd period starts!

crosby called for high sticking, US on the power play.

couple of good stops by brodeur.

graham agrees, play the young guys the older ones aren't playing so well...

penalty killed!

another penalty to canada...

US scores on the power play 4 to 2 this is terrible!

the whole room is now saying "ooooh no, oooh no!"

"canadians are staring at a long road to gold" not just the players anymore, but the whole country!

canada on the power play!!

kendra wonders if anyone across the hall is talking about teppo numminum.


one shot on goal that whole power play...not cool, guys not cool.

penalty against the states! come on guys!

another great couple of saves by miller...who is this guy?

CANADA SCORES!! CROSBY!!! we are all getting crosby bracelets tomorrow!

3 minutes left in the game!!

the play is so intense right now!! canadians are attacking, net is empty for the canadians.

US scores on the open net....graham again" oh no , oh no!"

kelser the greatest empty net goals according to the anncoucer, but what does her know, he is neither scott oake or kelly hrudey!

miller has played amazing tonight...unbelievable!

final score US 5 to canada 3

final thoughts...kendra: still happy to be wearing her first accessory since her wedding ring, the martin brodeur bracelet but looking forward to wearing her luongo bracelet.
graham: haven't been this dissappointed since not getting keith tkachuk's autograph at the jet's wives carinval.
sherri: well, good goalies on the other team are going to be the downfall of this team.

next game for canada, germany on tuesday....i hope to be blogging with the whole crew soon!


graham-" SHOOT!! SHOOT IT!!" the room agrees.

"crosby, the only thing canada can put in the net"

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