Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

late into the winter classic, boston and philedelphia, playing outside. 1-0 phil with 4:00 minutes left in the second. doing the quiz "do you remember 2009" written by mr. mike, kendra and sherri's grade 8 teacher.

present: sherri, kendra, nesse, rebecca. drinking coffee and/or kahlua.

report on the game: saw the first scrap in winter classic history (the Don disapproves, but admits Carcillo #13 brings 'the meat') between Carcillo and Thornton). drop kick murphy performed opening song (not flogging molly as earlier thought). weather conditions have been worsening and the wind has picked up. Philly is up 1:0. Second intermission and the whole gang is now here!

Kristen & Graham arrive (wearing no hats! it's -45!) Discussions ensue on last night's festivities. Happy New Years to all our nervoustime fans!

talks on Team Canada Olympics. we'll be waiting with baited breath for American team announcement.

graham realizes he only has one period to start talking about the jets wives carnival.

reminise about the scott tournament of hearts.

power play philedelphia.

rebecca wants a dog.

carsillo back in the pentalty box "the dick of all dicks" - don cherry

discussion of the folk fest lineup

anymous comment about iron and wine "yeah i would like to listen to them when i am home and depressed but not outside."

discussion of photographic memory

elliot friedman has been tackled by security - we need to check his twitter

boston goal! nervoustime

theme for 2010: sexy intelligent

subtheme: sincere laughs

graham shows all his insincere laugh "ahhh" kristin mentions others

in overtime now, five minutes

discussion of the shoe doctor

boston scores

they won

"someone's always sad but at least they get to celebrate there, they get to use those pyrotechnics." vanessa

final thoughts

sherri: i hope it wasn't too cold out there for them

vanessa: timmy tom

rebecca: i'm happy it was the heart of the home team

kristin: i don't know my thoughts for this

graham: i guess i ran out of time to talk about the jets wives carnival

rebecca: post final thought that i'd like to give a shout out to teppo and i received a trading card from santa and it made my holiday brighter

happy new year!!! xo sherri, rebecca, graham, kristin, kendra and vanessa

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