Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Double-header January 23, 2010

location: sherri's pad

present: sherri, becca, kendra, graham smith-peloquin

tardy: nesse (waiting for joe pug to start)

game #1: toronto at florida.

concensus is this game sucks and we're really just waiting for game #2 to start. why the hell does florida have a hockey team? in the words of don cherry: "if this game keeps going this way, we're gonna have to give the #1 star to the zamboni driver."

group discusses tv antennae - who else bought overpriced tv antennae in the 80s?

(cbc is coming in clearly at sherri's, btw)

sherri saw mr. benson in de luca's today. one side of the room talks about how mr. benson looked exactly like the gym teacher in beavis & butthead. high school gossip circa 1992.

awesome dip gets five awesome's out of five. discussion of the weather in january, flury's injury, graham's condition on new years day, waiting for game 2 to start.

GAME #1 IS OVER! Florida won 2-0 if anybody cares.

End of game from Montreal - 6-0 win against New York Rangers. Kendra receives call from ex-boyfriend who is at that game and wants to rub it in. little does he know, we are content waiting for Chicago at Vancouver to begin.

Game #2 - Chicago at Vancouver

8:56 the discussion about scott oake begins. sherri: "he used to live in linden woods, i lived on a farm nearby."

8:57 "are you on the single-for-a-year-challenge?" "NO!?!" "i do NOT need another challenge...unless it's a chocolate challenge...or a macaroni and cheese challenge"

8:59 Vanessa arrives! entry dilemma. manual door system enacted. "And I've brought a delicious treat with 3 kinds of butter: real butter; peanut butter; and butterscotch". Round of applause.

9:04 the room rises and we remove our hats to sing the national anthem with mark donnelly. Vanessa "i could totally hear you guys outside in the hall."

9:10 chicago power play. well, nothing came of that.

9:14 baumgartner, from manitoba, has come back up to the big league! welcome back, broseph!

9:16 nostalgic trip down memory lane over the way Polo Park shopping mall used to be. graham "i remember when you used to be able to smoke in the food court."

9:19 just pulled over by andrew ladd

vancouver score!!!! samuelsson

"duncan keith, where did he come from?"

sherri bouncing on a workout ball

graham watching the clock

pizza second wave is ready, 9:25

another vancouver goal "holy trilogy" - sedin triplets (burrows wishes he was a sedin)

two nothing vancouver!!!!!

watched the boston bruins commercials (thank you kh)

another goal!!! steve bernier

quote "you know the blackhawks are going to come out and play better in the second"

fight - ladd and kessler, they look like fluery and ras......

both leaving

kendra mentions ray emery for the first time, 9:45

note we have a picture of igor ulanov on display.

"sequence, boas and more"

discussion of signs "etc"

thoughts of spring and the BDI. though it is hard to believe that it is the middle of january and there were puddles on the road.

discussion on louis riel day and family day.

nervoustime's first hockey twin...jerome iginla...who knew so many hockey players think that the blackberry is the greatest canadian invention...nervoustime choice was 5 pin bowling. second twin brendan morrow...tries to go back on that one...

10:21 jessie is teaching tom to drive on 18 to life on monday and there is a rumor going around the room that some of the kids from the jersey shore are at hifi tonight.

10:30 st bonifice is so far away! des meuron is even further!

10:32 second period over. score stands at 2-0.

10:43 kendra's departing words "i love nervoustime!"

10:45 we declare our love for wayne coyne.

10:49 vancouver's got this in the bag. kendra: "that's what i'm worried about"

10:52 vanessa "i love it: the world's largest sporting event, brought to you by McDonalds. Yeah. cause after i get my gold medal, i really want a Big Mac."

10:53 kendra "Jets Wives Carnival". And scene.

10:55 vanessa's departing words "loooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

10:56 Waiting on a bus.

10:57 the announcers are loving that fight between Kessler and Ladd. we've seen at least 6 replays and obsessive commentary. looked like a clean fight to me.

11:00 Chicago scores - Toews at 16:30

11:01 Vancouver scores - H. Sedin scores! 15:51

11:03 Icing penalty for Vancouver's Raymond. It's getting dirty during those icing rushes.

11:04 discussion about musician's cruise ships: john mayer; barenaked ladies and michael franti.

final score 5 to 1 vancouver! luongo stop 43 shots tonight and is cbc's #1 star and nervoustime's too!!

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