Saturday, November 14, 2009

hockey day: november 14

earlier today: sherri's first shootout, it was difficult for me (kendra) to decide who to go for when my current favorite team the new york rangers was going one for one against my old favorite team ottawa, like i have a picture of myself on parliment hill holding up a blow up version of the stanley cup back in the sens mile days. ultimately new york won on shot five or six and that settled that.

currently: leafs vs. flames. sherri loves the flames particularly the fact that they scored two goals within a minute. currently 3:1 with seven minutes left in the first. sherri is making pizza, rebecca is making a drink and graham is at his cousin's birthday party (expected to arrive for the second game, vancouver vs. colorado).

since the last blog entry both sherri and i have seen theo flury in person and graham has contemplated changing the name of his cat to theo.

rebecca arrives, 6:49 with flat club soda, multiple other mixes, and gin or vodka.

sherri shouts from the kitchen "kippersoff is a really good goalie."

(discussion of the h1n1 shot)

sherri mentions chemical warfare for the first time in nervous time history, 7:01 pm

coach's corner: general excitement over kissel's exposed inner thigh.

rebecca- holla out to our eleven facebook fans!! 7:20

disscussion of theo fleury and his greatest.

discussion of hockey players signatures...keith tkchuck's is voted the best ever!!

toronto scores! stajan 3 to 2 calgary

kiprusof is declared god by sherri and another player who's last name that i won't be able spell by kendra

sherri: shout out to new non smokers! holla!!! 7:30

discussion on the name of graham's cat "he looks like a teppo!"

sherri- did anyone mention that it is 80's jersey night?

(starting to plan a trip to las vegas)

second period over "it couldn't end faster for the calgary flames" shots 20-4 for the leafs. yikes.......

sherri "look at how slow they were walking to their dressing room. non smoking commercial, that's karma."

rebecca, "there are always more of them as we approach the new year."

debate about the snuggie, kendra pro, sherri against. "just wear a blanket"

talk of "snuggies" kendra- "the blanket you can high five in" rebecca- "i'll be honest, i knew i wanted one the first time i saw one" sherri-"no" shaking head

talk of temperture of apartment, measuring of fish to see if they are growing and how long it takes for the "snuggie" to arrive.

discussion of whether the blog should just be about "snuggies", discussion about crocs with the snuggie sherri-" i would de-friend you"

becca-" they will be great for pub crawling in vegas"

linking to snuggie website now

calgary scored 4 to 2 we missed it as kendra and becca were too busy talking about snuggies.

kendra-" this is a weird game for the flames, the leafs goalie is no kiprusof"

NHL players names that are difficult to spell: khabibulin, numminen, kiprusoff, ovechkin. this list is not over. next list: list of things i can't wait to do when i get my snuggie 1) high-five sherri 2) smoke a million cigarettes 3) text entire contact list how awesome snuggies are.

back to players names difficult to spell: hrudy, oakes. 8:20

known fact as of today: mike fisher is dating carrie underwood, americian idol ( very popular in americia!)

kendra has hiccups

graham has arrived! 8:35

calgary scores! boowester...another name added to names we can't spell

power animal discussion ensues...sherri is still without a power animal.

first mention of teppo 8:45

final score 5 to 2 calgary!

kirupsoff named #1 star!! of course!

don cherry's jacket give sherri the same shiver that she thought only the "snuggie" could.

discussion of the anethems...everyone agrees the vancouver guy is the best!

luongo added to list of names we cant spell

talk about graham's cat maxim...rebecca-"did you see his picture with teppo smith-peliquin
over top of it?"

vancouver scores! sedin! everyone tries to remember if we have him in their pool.

rebecca moves off the ball and on to the chairs.

sedin scores again! 2 goals in less than 3 minutes...sherri has decided that vancouver is also in her top 5.

nightly check of twitter...scott oake something about the vaccation bowl and nothing about his age...kelly hrudey is still "having dinner with 2 really good friends from the hockey world wat

3 nothing vancouver!!!! hansen! yes!!! high fives( kendra mention how great high fives will be with the "snuggies")

kendra-"is there are 80's television making any appearence in the city tonight?"

rebecca delares french onion soup will be served the next canadian nervoustime.

kendra wants to watch a new jersey game...aherri starts thinking about "new jersey" type foods.

"the voice of scott oake"...still doesn't tell us how old he is.

" not sure if hendrik is missing his brother" "awe!!!" from the crowd

call for justin birthday party...wrong number.

vancouver scores on a screen goal!!! kendra wants one more sedin goal. high traffic goal. good job!!

4- nothing vancouver

names we will always spell wrong...petza( see can't spell it!)

discussion of bowling alleys...the states have the nicest ones.

end of second period still 4 nothing vancouver. sherri notes that she is the only one left final thoughts tonight!

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