Friday, June 26, 2009

relaxtime:the dating blog

the hockey playoffs are over. some of us are in crosby shirts, others of us are in love. ultimately, now that crosby has won his first stanley cup the consensus at hockey night on arlington is that relaaxtime should be where it is at. 

so to start, before we get into our mysteries of life and of life, are the secrets to nervoustime dating:

1) honesty: this sounds like an easy one but when you aren't used to it it's pressence is a dream. you can say you like malkins parents to someone who hates them. hey, maybe one day you will be like malkin's parents.

2) billy joel: the song "tell her about it" is the only thing a mediocre dater needs to hear. seriously, tell her about it (how you feel) don't tell her about the following: you ex girlfriend from six years ago, how drunk you got at halloween 2005, how badly you miss farrah fawcett (just kidding, tell her that one.)

3) get sick: when boys get sick they become needy in a way boys don't like to admit. it's good. if you're nice she will probably realize how nice you are and like you enough to stick around to stick around to hear you start quoting billy joel. if you aren't she will probably break up with you and you will find another girlfriend who will. 

this is just a preliminary list. please contact us with your questions. here at nervoustime we are hoping to make everyone's non play off season as non-nervous as possible. we want to be loving you loving yourself while mostly just loving ourselves. 

catcha soon, sher, becca, vanessa, kendra 

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