Saturday, October 10, 2009

nervoustime regular season debut: october 10, penguins vs. leafs

started watching after the first period, two nothing penguins.

present: rebecca, sherri, mark, graham, kendra

early announcements: mr. belding appearing later at club hifi, sherri encourages all to quit smoking on october 28th, mark plans to meditate all night, matching ties for cherry and mclean, rebecca notices calgary's uniforms bleed on the screen.

mark on the meditation chair: fantastic! i dig it.

the teppo numinim card is on the table, graham reminds us he was the one who broke the story of the retirement. discussion on gogol bordello, eugene's blog, how minstry alledgedly played behind a sixteen foot cage.

sherri still hasn't picked a team for the year, becca is wearing a penguins shirt, kendra is going for the canucks, flyers and oilers (in that order), mark came in a new jersey hat, graham is going for montreal ("i have such a strong emotional investment in the montreal canadians, you can quote me on that.")

this is the game we were supposed to go to! so far we haven't seen sherri's parents or malkin's parents although both could be in the house.

leafs score.

discussion about fleury's book.

nice goal. that's a graham smith peloquin goal. graham "i was never a superstar. i scored goals like that. andrew paskevich was my linemate."

penalty, toronto. powerplay, crosby.

"the difference between good teams and great teams......"

none of us have crosby in our pool.

"you don't win the stanley cup with a little bit of luck."

sherri's drunk: 7:18 "i only ate celery today, and hummus. i had a muffin too."

rebecca notices graham's ring "nice bling there, on your wedding finger". "thanks. it's an engaged to be engaged ring". "oh". "like saved by the bell, y'know".

mark mentions "ugliest guy in the NHL: malkin"

discussion on power animals. mark is an owl. kendra is a crow. graham is a deer. rebecca is a dodo bird. sherri needs to sit in the meditation chair. we wonder what teppo numminen's power animal is. "bison or a yak", says rebecca.

continuation of discussion on power animals. mark: "i don't know who to listen to, the shamans or the unrainian catholics."

check in on scott oake's twitter reveals the ties are to support cancer research, he will be wearing one as well and does not have a shirt that matches.

food arrives: chili and garlic bread. secret ingredient: ketchup.

pittsburgh back on the powerplay!

discussion of ray emery: "it's only a problem when i don't like it anymore."

another crosy goal!!!

kendra believes in comebacks and ray emery. mark thinks history repeats itself "look at grant fuhr."

decision made to watch the second game: 7:43. regardless of mr. belding.

graham: why don't you just wikipedia scott oake? you're just spelling his name right.

rebecca: i do this everyday. i know about entries that have been removed and added and when. i've googled age. i have done a lot of research.

discussion of jets coming back. now quebec city getting a team. the guy is so rich it doesn't even matter. they are all wearing the same tie.

discussion of pat quinn and craig mctavish. the hair that doesn't move. "i swear the gel made him faster" mark.

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