Thursday, April 30, 2009

april 30: round two!!!

vancouver v. chicago, round 2, game 1

at sher's, kendra arrived after 2nd period (moving!!!), drinking out of a travel mug (nervous time secret #2), sherri: drinking ginger ale, becca, at l. cohen (corresponding by text)

GOAL VAN, 9:16 "a twin kiling daniel to heinrich" - no texts, my cell is charging in the kitchen

first period summary: vancouver scored a goal

scott oake, in the house, however, becca's fave anthem singer was also there "did this crazy thing at the end where his voice cracked. it wasn't his best" sherri.

rebecca calls from l.cohen "i'm cheering for vancouver in this series...i made that decision before vancouver scored the second goal. the concert is REALLY good!" (kendra comment: the fact that rebecca called is so far my favorite part of the night)

food: homemade chicken fingers and yam fries, excellent.


"penalty problems again"

a four minute power play for vancouver COMING UP

rebecca text: i'm proud of vancouver, i bet lenoard cohen would want vancouver to win. i'd like to take this moment to give a shout out to teppo numinin", 9:39

the period is over. "that was a quick period" sherri

"you were on the phone for part of that period but vancouver is playing good, luongo is kicking ass and maybe taking a few numbers." sherri

"i got a flyer from madison square safeway today and totaly thought of ivan." kendra

first appearence of don cherry on the nervoustime blog 9:51 (he's wearing a purple plaid suit for those who are wondering)

first scott oak's age prediction...sherri has deduced that scott is at least 50 years old.

kendra discusses sherri, rebecca and herself being hired by cbc. sherri notes "perhaps first we need to get a few more fans to our blog."

"i think it will help with your positivity" (sherri, on a topic secret for now)

third period:

chicago goal "out of the penalty box, into the action"

sherri: opening a window, 10:06

"this is the danger of momentum"

"chicago has definitely picked it up", sherri

a petal just dropped: 10:10

khabbulin is playing good, kendra observation. "he is a great goalie, we all knew that" sherri.

picture looks good "the best it's been in awhile, still hard to see that puck" sherr (no cable tonight)

sherri texting

"i just realized the vancouver goals are usually when i'm on the phone. someone should phone me" kendra

kendra relization: there will be no hockey at my yoga retreat. sherri "i will text you but you will get them at the end. there will be 100 in your inbox."

vancouver penalty 10:19

chicago score 10:20

all begin to text 10:20

sherri wonders aloud " why is george s. now called "my boyfriend"? 10:22

kendra responds " i don't have a boyfriend" 10:23

sherri "me neither!" 1st high five of the night 10:24-10:27

6 minutes left in the game, kendra confident that vancouver will hold their lead. enough of this kane (while typing, chicago scores) tie

NERVOUS TIME with 5:29 to go

(both of us texting)


seriously, this is why the playoffs are awesome....

sherri notes rebecca hasn't texted back, "concert must be good. we need a vancouver power play"

kendra remembers that horrible lead the canucks blew to the stars a few years ago and remembers why she shudders whenever hearing the name "gaborik"

also: missing markus nasland

"this is exciting at least" kendra

"this is much better than the rest of the games we watched last week" sherri

rebecc text: sheeit


one minute left

and the arlington crowd goes wild! and possilbly one fan at the mts center

there was another goal, an empty netter.

salo wins first star of the game: sherri and kendra agree with that completly. vancouver didn't have the same spunk in the third period but were able to pull it off.

"hoping to have a final word from rebecca, it's probably an encore or something...."

ok, good job canucks, note they've played 5 now and lost 0. total favorite team of the nervous time.

we're celebrating the vancouver victory. you should be too. xoxo, sherri and kendra

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