Tuesday, April 21, 2009

april 21

live blog from rebecca's (first game with cable):

first period. drinking: grolsch (rebecca), gin (sherri), growers cider (kendra)

"it's like the quarter finals. every team is playing." sherri 7:17

"it was like montreal was boston's bitch last night. live blogging can refer to the day before, can't it?" rebecca 7:19

welwood scores for vancouver: first playoff goal 7:22 (graham informed by text as he is studying)

text from graham: how much is this service costing me 7:22

rebecca mentions teppo numinnin for the first time: 7:27

"one of those penalties the coaches don't mind" 7:48

decision made to put tomato in the guacamole: :7:49

first period over: :7:49, the power play will carry over into the next period


rebecca to a telemarketer: "i am not interested right now. there is a hockey game on. yeah, it won't be a good time for another two months, until the playoffs are over" 8:02

second goal: alex burrows!

vancouver power play: 8:26

st. louis goal (tkachuk assist) 8:33

commentary: rebecca wants more fights. sher and rebecca discuss the heat in their building. discussion about their fish "he's not floating or sinking. maybe he is sleeping."

rebecca on kt: "he's like a middle aged fido dido. he's nooooo teppo numinin"

another st. louis goal: 8:40 (first ever for perron, a 20 year old)

rebecca "deep down inside, i hope it goes to a game five."

major pile up: close call, and they just about grabbed the lead 8:42

"now it's mayhem"

possible luongo injury: 8:43

"there is a hush all over british columbia" (and arlington)

the good news is roberto seems okay 8:45, goal still being reviewed

"this is intense this is exciting" rebecca

"this is like play off hockey" sherri

NO GOAL "it was hard to tell when whistle was" sherri "i could clearly hear the whistle" rebecca

"game five baby" sherri ("i just want to watch keith tkachuk a couple more games")

second period over. THANKFULLY.

we remember all being at the last jets game. also declare winnipeg jets fans the best fans ever 8:53

high five: 8:54

google where is don cherry: 8:55, it seems he's going for the bruins 8:56

rebecca: how old is scott oakes? 858

other game:

carolina scores with .02 seconds left: "that goal is not confirmed yet" 9:01

rebecca "kelly hrudey's not going to be happy with that goal"

"marty is slashing his stick and good for him"

confirmed. 9:02

ok, back to the vancouver game

sherri: "oooh. what if this goes into overtime" 9:11

grant text: "i didn't know you were such a hockey fan" 9:07

crowd: "let's go blues" 9:13

new snacks: pinnapple and party mints 9:14

"and roberto luengo has stopped again" 9:15

(kendra apologizes for all spelling errors: 9:16)

keith tkachuk headbuts burrows 9:17

rebecca "he makes me mad, though, the way he is" (doesn't say it, but kendra predicts she is thinking "he's no teppo numinin"

watching basketball for a moment 9:21 (tsn)

kendra realizes todd bertuzzi is now playing for the calgary flames 9:22

kendra: "anyone need another growers?"

graham text: "how do i vote for my choice of player of the game?" 9:26

rebecca hearts improvisational organ approxiatmently 9:33 TO 9:36

sherri typed the last one: "didn't take typing in highschool"

note to sherri: remember our chemistry class "rob kohut takes a drink of water, 2:13" hahahaha!!!!

"right now the blues are looking for any kind of break at all"

shots are now 28-26 in favour of st. louis 9:39

"is that andy murray?"sherri, "it IS andy murray. we never see that guy on my tv. he looks like dr. phil"

"i don't like it when they pile up on the goalies. i've always been about goalies rights" rebecca, 9:42

"kelly hrudey was not the best goalie. but he's charismatic. getting back to keith tkachuk not having a career. hat is he going to do?" sherri, 9:42


"i've seen games that have gone to four or five overtimes, back in the day" sherri


"casually is the key word, jim, and appropriately so." "what a great story chris mason has been down the stretch."

"andy is mad that burrows is on. the face off will come out side the blue line. you can't relax for a second with this line. what a break for st. louis. "

for the first time in this series........

over time.

"now that's nervous time for you" sherri

discussion of who owns the anaheim mighty ducks and how we would like teemu to win a cup and overall, how good he looks in "that teal colour" 9:54

"the first thing i did when i joined facebook was join a teppo numinim fan page" rebecca

"we should be going back to the other game soon" sherri

"teemu selanne, at 38, still possessing the speed"

ok, overtime is on 10:04

keith tkchuk nothing can get passed him.." of course not" comments sherri 10:10

"action everywhere"10:10

penalty called against vancouver

"there is an unspoken rule that penalties aren't called in overtime" rebecca, 10:15

kendra "i'm about to ask if anyone wants another growers"

rebecca: hands on face

sherri: "one more minute guys"

"this little steen boy is quite good." sherri


high five: 10:17

"that was definitely scary nervous time" sherri

penalty killed "another missed opportunity on the power play" 10:18

discussion of playoff beards: it's only game four. how fast can you grow? watch perron. let's call a time out or something. you have to score a goal. keep at em. daniel sundin is back to get it burrows is in bounces off and off the boards to centre.

icing call to st. louis so vancouver can change 10:20

another penalty call: accidental and 4 mins

sherri "i hope you all know that vancouver will win this series"


sherri "this is good. it's breaking st. louis' vibe"

discussion about when goalies play the puck.

penalty over. "that was amazing."

vancouver power play...yay! 10:30


canucks win. 18.1 seconds left in over time

triumphant. this was a great night for hockey.

yay for vancouver.

to keith tkachuk, it has been a great run. great assist. all our best, xo, kendra, rebecca, sheri

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