Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Boys Are Back in Town

Hockey is back! Well, I guess there are some who would argue it never went away.

Rebecca reporting from Arlington, awaiting Kendra and her Game Centre password (which is unusual, because I know most of Kendra's passwords). We're both eating salads, separately. It's Carolina vs Buffalo on deck. Hainsey and Teppo are in the same building tonight. Nervoustime legends.

So in the meantime I'll start blabbing on about my Olympics boycott. Yeah that's right I boycotted the whole thing. I didn't watch one event. Honestly, I just couldn't drink the kool-aid. The pomp and circumstance just couldn't overshadow the bullshit (political corruption, social injustices, yada yada). And I was busy, anyway. Here's a great article that talks about "Olympism" that resonated with me: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/opinion/analysis/olympism-then-call-me-an-atheist-246102521.html

Even though I was boycotting, between my mother and CBC I got all the news and updates.

Kendra, in teenage ecstasy, standing with Kurt Browning (and Ken).
I heard an amazing re-quote from Sochi when Kurt Browning (of course) said "If only there were marks for magic". This is true of so many things in life. Have you taken stock of the magic in your life? We often put the emphasis and value on the tangible things. But what about all those moments that can't be measured? I think deep down we all believe in magic (which is probably why "Missed Connections" exist). Or like when I was shopping at Food Fare on Maryland and everyone started singing along to Fleetwood Mac in the meat section.


Alright, Kendra texted me her password so we're going to talk about hockey for a bit now. Buffalo is up 1:0 and there's 4 minutes to go in the 2nd period. We'll all have to imagine what happened earlier during the game. Eric Staal scores! Tie game. 1:1. 2 min left in the 2nd. Shout out to the Staal Sod Farm and the Winkworth sisters are due for another visit soon. Thunder Bay: only 8 hrs away.
Sample of Thunder Bay signage. It's all hand-made.
NervoustimeK arrives with extra wine and I've got to figure out how to get picture in picture on my computer screen so we can watch the game and continue to blog. All for you, our beloved readers. 

We've had quite a few blog views from the Ukraine (since our inception, really). Nervoustime would like to take a moment to declare our solidarity with the protesters in Ukraine. Why is Ukraine in crisis? Here's a quick primer: http://www.openculture.com/2014/02/why-is-ukraine-in-crisis.html Also, some fantastic Ukrainian music to listen to while reading:

Fantasy update: we need points. Obvs, we are first place in our league. But Colin and Zigg are only 1 point behind. Shout out to Riverton Rifle, we're playing you next week! Riverton Rifle, who are you? I guess that's all part of the "fantasy". We need Sekera and Hodgson to score tonight. The pot is $600 and if we win, we'd split it 3-ways and use it towards going to Barcelona.

Keep on Rocking in the Free World is playing in Buffalo. We wonder if Teppo requested Neil Young. How amazing would it be to get a mixed tape from Teppo? Nothing says love like a mixed tape. Audience poll: what would be your choice lead song if YOU could make a mix tape for Teppo? Answer: 

This song is now playing in the background to the live game and it's magical. "Why don't I listen to this song everyday?" - K. Already planning Teppo's birthday celebration in July. Hainsey's birthday is March 24th and Kendra is getting balloons to hand out to anyone wearing a Hainsey jersey at the Carolina game March 22.

Kendra saw Evander at Stellas the other night and ordered a big bag to go. He didn't have to wait long. Rumors are flying about Evander and his philandering ways, just sayin'. Winnipeg's a small town, dude.

In case you're wondering what's happening in the hockey game, it's still 1:1 with 12 minute left in the 3rd.

We're talking hot yoga and we're going together on Friday night. I bet all the people without hot water are totally reconsidering trying out hot yoga now. But seriously, it's really shitty that so many people don't have running water in Winnipeg right now.

Tyler Ennis scores for Buffalo and it's now 2:1. These NHL Game Centre announcers sound horribly uninterested.

Kendra hasn't stopped drinking red wine despite her pending dentist appointment. "I think I'm getting a cavity."

Snappy shot from Semin in the slot! Tie game nervoustime. Sekera with the assist and that means we're leading in Fantasyc Hockey. I asked if this "clinches the lead" for us, and Kendra politely reminds me that it's only our first point.

Kendra here: I was trying to declare this hangout 'Rivalry night' because it's kind of a Teppo vs. Hainsey scenerio who are Becca and my respectively faves. But Becca happily pointed out that we also both love the others and it's great for everyone. 
So now Errhoff scored and Buffalo takes the lead and only 45 seconds left!!!!!

Interestingly we had Erhoff on our team two years ago.

I'd like to spend a summer in Buffalo.

Woahhhh Rebecca was making a dip. Included: onion soup mix, sour cream, mayo, vinegar, lemon juice, the tahini dressing. it's delicious and the game is over!!! and dill and cajun. Here's the amazing recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/tasteful-tahini-salad-dressing/ 

No better end to a night than that. xoxoxo Rebecca and Kendra

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